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Elite Dangerous Articles

Elite Dangerous Odyssey's Launch Trailer Is Here

Elite Dangerous Odyssey is set for a PC launch on May 19. If you're keeping track, that's tomorrow. And we have a shiny new launch trailer to tide us over.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey And Horizons Players Will Be Separated Until Expansion's Console Launch

In a forums post ahead of next week's Odyssey launch, Frontier talked about the PC playerbase and how the Odyseey and Horizons versions of Elite Dangerous will be, in effect, separated from each other.

An Elite Dangerous Pilot Travels To Farthest Point Away From Sol - All Without A Fuel Scoop

We're used to the exploits of space-faring adventurers in MMOs, and this pilot has done something worth the record books in Elite Dangerous. One pilot has made a voyage just shy of 85,000 light years. The catch? They did it without a fuel scoop.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey Alpha Has Been Extended, Phase 4 Coming April 28th

Elite Dangerous' Odyssey alpha was scheduled to end on April 30th ahead of the mid-May launch of the expansion. However, thanks to player feedback, that alpha has been extended a few days.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey Is Officially Launching On May 19th

Elite Dangerous' much anticipated Odyssey expansion finally has a release date. The planetary, first person, on-foot update is coming on May 19th for PC.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey Is Removing Its Exo-Biology Minigame For Launch

Elite Dangerous Odyssey is currently undergoing alpha testing on PC, and one of the major points of feedback has been in response to the minigame aspect of its major exo-biology feature. The Genetic Sampler minigame will be removed before or around launch time in responnse to the feedback.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Sees Phase 3 Of Its Alpha Test Start Today

Phase 3 of the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, called Exo-Biology, begins today. With Phase 3, players will be able to test the exploration features that will be implemented when Odyssey goes live fully, such as the First Footfall mechanic and more.

Elite Dangerous: A Trip Into Neutral Territory

Mike loves Babylon 5, so he took a moment to do some sci-fi tourism in Elite Dangerous to check out the system where the iconic sci-fi show's epnymously named station was situated - Epsilon III.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey's Alpha Phase 2 Launches Today With A Guide To Conflict Zones

Elite Dangerous' Odyssey Alpha is currently ongoing, and the team has entered phase two of its testing, opening up the ability for players to travel beyond the initial solar system the phase was locked into. To help those players along, the team at Frontier has released a new trailer detailing conflict zones in Odyssey.

Frontier Addresses Elite: Dangerous Odyssey Feedback

Elite: Dangerous Odyssey may have just launched, but plenty of feedback has already been sent to Frontier Developments. The team has provided pretty extensive notes with regards to this feedback on their official forums.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey's Alpha Launches Today With Phase One Of Testing

Elite Dangerous' anticipated Odyssey expansion is coming out this year, and PC players can start to check out some of the upcoming content as the Alpha launches today.

Elite Dangerous Lays Out How Upcoming Odyssey Alpha Will Roll Out Next Week

Frontier is prepping for its upcoming Alpha for the Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion next week, and the team took to Twitter to share exactly how that rollout will work when the alpha goes live on Monday.

Elite Dangeous: Odyssey Q&A Covers Mission Types, Player Suits And NPC Behavior

Frontier have released a recap of a recent Mission Q&A for the upcoming Odyssey expansion of Elite Dangerous. The Q&A piggy-backs on some pre-alpha footage as the dev team showed off last week, explaining in more detail what players can expect in the upcoming Elite Dangerous: Odyssey pre-alpha coming later this month.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey PC Alpha Launches on March 29

The PC alpha for Elite: Dangerous Odyssey is set to land on March 29. Here are the details.

Elite Dangerous Details How On Foot Weapons Will Work In Upcoming Odyssey Expansion

Frontier took to their forums to discuss how first-person weapons themselves will work in the upcoming Odyssey expansion. In the Q&A, the developers spoke about anti-vehicle, as well as answered questions about melee weapons in the coming update.