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Elite Dangerous Articles

Latest Newsy Newsletter Posted

The Elite: Dangerous team has sent out the latest, and very newsy, newsletter. In it, the team discusses the recent Alpha 3 event, preparations for Alpha 4, design decisions behind the Cobra MK III and much, much more.

Premium Beta Begins Today

Frontier Developments has announced that the alpha phase of development for Elite: Dangerous has ended and that the premium closed beta is scheduled to begin today. Premium beta players will be able to download a single-player version of the game to play until the full multiplayer version of the game goes live on May 30th.

The Glorious Return to Frontier

Garrett Fuller and Bill Murphy sat down with David Braben of Frontier fame to talk all about Elite's progress through alpha, the road to beta, and even got some hands-on with flight sticks and the Oculus Rift to take out some AI opponents.

After a Successful Alpha, 3.0 Rolls Out with New Features

After a successful alpha, the Elite Dangerous team is ready to roll out v3.0 with new features and progression. Players will be able to take on what the devs called the "notoriously difficult" docking procedure in the original game to see how things have changed with a new iteration. Players will also be able to try out rudimentary hyperspace jumps and gain the ability to improve ships.

Alpha Multiplayer Begins

According to a short and sweet post on the Elite: Dangerous site, the alpha test for the multiplayer component of the game has officially kicked off for early adopters. Players interested in joining in can still purchase access to the alpha.

Alpha Footage Spotlighted in New Dev Video

The Elite: Dangerous team has published a new developer diary that shows off alpha footage and more. In addition, the team has written of its goals for alpha testing.

Dev Diary Focuses on 'Damocles' Trailer

A new Elite: Dangerous dev diary has shown up on the scene that explains the amazing graphics from the Damocles trailer, released earlier. According to the new Dev Diary is a "talk through", Damocles was filmed entirely using the game's engine.