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Original Elder Scrolls Designers Developing New RPG

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Veteran developers of Elder Scrolls have founded a new studio and are working on a new RPG, according to PC Gamer.

Calling themselves OnceLost Games, the studio includes Julian LeFay, also known as “The Father of The Elder Scrolls.” OnceLost Games is comprised of three other original designers of Elder Scrolls Arena.

Elder Scrolls Arena is actually available to play free, so check it out if your interested. Regarding the new RPG, we know very little about it at the moment. However, their site states,

“We're hard at work on our debut role-playing game title, which will be a massive open-world fantasy adventure, and will boast revolutionary technology and game design by some of the most celebrated veterans of computer gaming, who have created multiple Game of the Year-winning titles.

We'll have an exciting announcement by the end of the year, so to stay tuned, please sign up below be notified about our game announcement as soon as it's ready!”


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