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Elder Scrolls Online Giving Away Free Crown Store Bundle Until July 30th!

Community Loot For Everyone!

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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As a thank you to the community, Zenimax Online Studios is giving away a free Crown Store Bundle in Elder Scrolls Online. This 100% free crown store bundle will have repair kits, soul gems, outfits and more, showing that Zenimax appreciates their community and everything that they do not just to keep the game alive, but for each other.

Now until July 30th, players will be able to log in and receive this Player Appreciation Bundle which will be featured prominently in the Crown Store. Check out the official statement, which includes the below list detailing that the following items will be included in the bundle.

  • Vampiric Dragon-Imp pet
  • The Mace of Molag Bal outfit style
  • Three Outfit Change Tokens
  • 10 Crown Repair Kits
  • 20 Crown Soul Gems
  • Three Gold Coast Experience Scrolls (50% boost for one hour)

This bundle is available for all players, no matter if you are a subscriber to ESO+ or not. With the Greymoor update recently released, ESO has been as popular as ever, so there is no time better than now to obtain your free crown store bundle.

*article edited for clarity, The original news piece pointed to a Stadia Pro article that provided a free copy for Stadia Pro subscripers, as of July 16th, ESO which also included the Morrowind Chapter is no longer available on Stadia Pro.


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