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The Clockwork City is Coming

Josh Hay Posted:
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Clockwork City is upon us. Recently we just had the patch notes released and it has been playable on the PTS. There is plenty to go through in these patch notes and I won’t be going over all of them here but I will be going over some of the biggest changes/additions to the game.

The first changes I will be talking about will specifically involve the DLC and not the base game patch.

One of the biggest additions to the game in this DLC is the new 12-man trial. Asylum Sanctorium. It will include a normal and veteran version along with some new achievements and items you can obtain through this trial.  I’m super stoked for this new trial, my group has been waiting for some challenging 12-man content instead of the standard 4-man content. I’m hoping it will be as challenging as they said it will be. I haven’t been able to try it out on the PTS so far, all my regular group members do not participate in the PTS.

There will be new world bosses and new delves to explore along with two new full quest objectives to complete. I would have like to see more added but with all of the other stuff coming with this DLC I can see why. There are a ton of new item sets and collectibles to obtain as well. Two new motifs are joining the game: The Apostle and the Ebonshadow.

These additions are included with the Base Game patch:

There has been a lot of talk about transmutation system that is included with the base DLC patch. It’s finally arriving and we are able to do some new things with the way of altering our equipment. My first take on all of this is pretty underwhelming. It’s not truly what I expected out of ZoS. I think it’s going to be something they are going to have to tinker with and add more to before I say it’s something I enjoy.

Along with the new transmutation system we have a new trait tracker. It’s a bunch of symbols that help us know what the trait status is. While playing with this on the PTS I was happy this was added and it does help out a lot. Here’s the thing though, I don’t know how much I am going to apply this, I guess this is more of a wait and see kind of thing you know? What do you all think about it?

We are seeing a total of 30 new champion points bringing the grand total to 690. I like the increments to this. I don’t know truly if I would like to see more added. I always feel kind of accomplished when I reach a new cap and then I feel the need to want more.

While playing on the PTS I was able to try out some of the new changes to the classes. I would recommend reading all the changes to each classes because typing them all here would just be a waste.

Warden got a lot of love here. I think these overall buffs will make the Warden a bit stronger but I don’t think it will be enough to make me want to pick up the class again. Nature’s Grasps feel a lot better now and that change was a great help for the Warden healers. Bursting Vines feels a lot smoother and that buff you can see and feel.

For the sake of time I checked out Warden and Nightblade. Warden because I feel that class still needs some love to make me want to play it again and Nightblade, well because it’s my main class. Overall without going into too much depth, Agony feels a lot different and it’s going to take a lot of time to get used to. Nightblade changes seem pretty okay to me and I will be testing more of the changes as time goes on.

Along with the DLC there are ton of bug fixes and polish that goes into it. A lot of what I am seeing is some really good changes and like I said before I am not too impressed with the Transmute system. I think I will need to fiddle around with it some more but from what I have not seen, it’s not looking too good for me.  This is my opinion of course and it won’t be the same as everyone else’s. Overall I am very happy with Clockwork City and what it’s adding to the game.

I feel like the community is always split when it comes to these big patches. The TESO community is vocal about each and every change Zenimax makes. I for one like I said I’m overall happy with the direction the game is taking and the amount of content they continue to add. Of course, you can get all the DLCs if you are a ESO plus member or buy Clockwork City separately from the store. What do you all think about this DLC? Do you like it or hate it? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss this upcoming DLC. 


Josh Hay