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Elder Scrolls Online: The Best Upcoming Features of Elsweyr

William Murphy Posted:
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Elsweyr is almost upon us, as May 20th marks the start date for those of us who play Elder Scrolls Online on PC. In the next month I’ll be basically biding my time until I can make my black Khajiit Necromancer, but until then - why not get hyped about the four big pillars of content coming in ESO’s next chapter?

4 - Khajiit Everywhere!

The Argonians are cool and I loved Murkmire, but let’s be honest - the Khajiit have an incredible history, they’re in love with Skooma (Catnip?), and they’re just damned adorable. I’m sure, like Judy Hopps in Zootopia, they’d be offended if you told them so, but come on - cat people are cute with their accents, their tails... I may be in danger of luring in some furries here, so let me just stop right there.

In seriousness, they’re the truest underdogs in Tamriel - always slaves, rarely their own masters. This is a story I really hope Zenimax plumbs for great effect, and that by the end of the Year of the Dragon, maybe the Khajiit standing in Nirn will be a bit higher than it was when things began. After all, we’ve already seen that Abnur Tharn is the cause of this mess, with the Khajiit basically being tasked to clean it up.

3 - A New Trial Awaits

I don’t personally get to play Trials all that often. My schedule means I spend most of my time in quick dungeons and open world content, but when I do - it’s always a good decision. Trials are the equivalent of ESO’s raids, and these 12-person adventures are filled with some of the most inventive and interesting content in the game. This expansion’s trial - Sunspire, has been overrun by Dragons and it’s probably going to be very, very interesting. If there’s one thing I’d love to see ESO do for its players over time that don’t see trials? It would be to add in a Public Delve version with much lessened rewards and fewer bosses so that everyone might at least see the sights and learn the lore inside.

2 - Here Be Dragons

One of the most exciting prospects of Elsweyr is the brand new world events it’s going to bring. If you’ve been playing ESO as long as I have, you’ll remember thinking that Anchors in the base game would be these sweet dynamically spawning events. They were not. They were just static set pieces that popped every so often like clockwork. Another spot on the map to complete and move on. I’m hoping that these Dragon Attacks or Dragon Hunts as they’re advertised, are more than just rebranded Dolmens and Geysers - meaning I hope they’re more dynamic and less staged in specific areas. Putting a real sense of unexpected danger in the world, out questing when a massive dragon flies overhead could be absolutely epic.

1 - The Necro is Bae

Where would I be if I didn’t pay homage to my soon-to-be favorite ESO class, the Necromancer. Read my full impressions for more details, but the short of it? The Necromancer blends all sorts of pet skills, great deadly dark magic, and nefarious healing arts to make one hell of a unique class in a game that felt like it had every sort of class covered. Plus? Some of the Necro’s skills actually make the townspeople turn against you and the guards mark you as wanted. Yeah, it’s gonna be fun, fam.


William Murphy

Bill is the former Managing Editor of MMORPG.com, RTSGuru.com, and lover of all things gaming. He's been playing and writing about MMOs and geekery since 2002, and you can harass him and his views on Twitter @thebillmurphy.