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Elder Scrolls Online Articles

MMOs And Expansions - Solving The Story Barrier Of Entry

As Bradford has been playing through Final Fantasy XIV for the first time recently, a thought has been circling in his head, especially since The Elder Scrolls Online's Greymoor event. One thing that has always bothered him was the barrier of entry with expansions, especially for new players.

OPINION: What We Could See in The Elder Scrolls Online Skyrim Reveal

Elder Scrolls Online is set to reveal their next chapter tomorrow, January 16. To pass the time, I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring and provide my thoughts on what we could possibly expect to see at the reveal.

Adventures in ESO Episode 2

After 10+ years of racing through MMOs, I’m finally playing my first MMO for the story and content. With everything I was told about The Elder Scrolls Online and it’s expansive content. This is episode 2.

OPINION: My Personal Journey With Elder Scrolls Online

Allow me to tell you the story about my journey with ESO.

Influential MMOS of the Decade: The Elder Scrolls Online

Released in 2014, few high profile MMOs have been as consistently good in recent years as ESO. While it didn't get off to the best of starts, since 2016 it has become one of the best MMOs on the market. Yet it's desire to also be reckoned as a single-player experience helped define it through the years.

ESO Adventures: Tamriel Is The Main Character

This is by no means a novel concept. It may even border on cliché. But I really do fundamentally believe that the world is the main character in Elder Scrolls Online. Tamriel is one amazing place.

ESO Adventures: Three Major Things Elder Scrolls 6 Must Borrow from ESO

ESO is no doubt a great game, one which I deeply enjoy. With Elder Scrolls 6 still years away, here are some great mechanics and features Elder Scrolls 6 must borrow from ESO in order for it to be something I consider worth my time and money.

Elder Scrolls Online Adventures: I Wish Cyrodiil Didn't Have PvP

It’s definitely been a while since my last ESO Adventures column. I have something different to discuss this time around, however. Instead of giving you guys a recap of my previous week of play, I’d like to engage in a conversation about ESO and Elder Scrolls in general. This week’s focus: Cyrodiil and PvP.

Review in Progress Part 1

The Elder Scrolls Online is easily the most anticipated and biggest MMO launch since Star Wars: The Old Republic. Many people probably wrote ESO off as another SWTOR in terms of hype and let down, but so far... I believe those people are mistaken. There are a lot of wonderful design choices in ESO, and plenty of bugs to grind an axe on. But one thing’s prevailed: I’m having a lot of fun, and the rabbit hole keeps going deeper.

What the Mature Rating Means for ESO

"Mature Rating" is the Entertainment Software Rating Board designation of M (age 17+), and the official rating given by the ESRB to The Elder Scrolls Online. The game was just over 60 days from launch when they were struck with this news. In a post by Zenimax, they said, “While we disagree with the ESRB’s determination, we do not plan to challenge the rating, and we are unwilling to change the game’s content to achieve a different rating.”

Thoughts on the Collector's Edition Controversy

It’s crunch time at ZeniMax Online Studios. The developers can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is a mob of consumers, some with pitchforks and torches, waiting to finally play their game. Due out on 4-4-14 for the PC and Mac version the Elder Scrolls Online is one of the most highly anticipated MMOs to come out in years. But you all already know that.