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Elder Scrolls Online Articles

ESO's Game Director Talks MMO's Success And Future In New Interview

In an interview with The Washington Posts' Teddy Amenabar, Matt Firor of ZeniMax Online Studios talked a bit about the current success of their MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online. While the MMO gears up to launch their next chapter, Blackwood, Firor talked about its foundation, as well as how long it plans to continue to create ESO into the future.

Elder Scrolls Online Explorer's Celebration Underway

The Explorer's Celebration returns to Elder Scrolls Online and is your chance at double XP, extra resource node drops, and gold in any zone. Here are some additional details.

Elder Scrolls Online Team Talks Oblivion Portals In Latest Update

Elder Scrolls Online's next chapter release, Blackwood, is right around the corner, and the dev team is taking the chance to set the stage for players eager to jump into the world of south-eastern Cyrodiil. Today, the team at ZeniMax Online Studios talked about their world events in this year's Chapter, Oblivion Portals.

Elder Scrolls Online Drops A Story Trailer Ahead Of Upcoming Blackwood Launch

As we approach the June 1st launch of The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood, the team at ZeniMax has released a new trailer breaking down more of the story in this year's Gates of Oblivion storyline.

Latest Elder Scrolls Online PTS Patch Brings the Year One Celebration for Test

If you're playing Elder Scrolls Online through the PTS, you might want to hop in and check out the Year One Celebration. All this and more are discussed in the latest round of PTS patch notes 7.03.

The Elder Scrolls Online Breaks Down Its Companion System Ahead Of Blackwood Release

Companions are one of the major features coming with this year's Elder Scrolls Online chapter update. Coming with Blackwood, companions are a way to inject an NPC in the leveling process with a player, while still sticking to the core of what has made the Elder Scrolls series so popular over the years: its storytelling.

Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood Receives All-New Companions Trailer

Zenimax Online Studios just shared an all-new trailer for Blackwood, their upcoming chapter in Elder Scrolls Online.

Elder Scrolls Online Players' Mailboxes Are Incorrectly Showing as 'Full' When They're Actually Empty

Some Elder Scrolls Online players are reporting their mailboxes are full even though they're empty. This is preventing them from receiving items. Here are the details.

Latest Elder Scrolls Online PTS Patch Brings Fixes and Tweaks for Companion and Rockgrove Trial

The Elder Scrolls Online team over at Zenimax Online Studios have published the latest patch notes for PTR which provides several fixes for Companions and the Rockgrove Trial. Read on for details.

Elder Scrolls Online Console Inventory UI Issues Fix Arriving with Update 30 on June 8

If you play Elder Scrolls Online on console, you may be keenly aware of the inventory UI issues currently plaguing the game. Zenimax Online Studios confirmed that they are looking into those issues, and recently issued an update on the investigations.

ESO Adventures: Isildur's Baenlin

This week, Shank picks up where he left off in Oblivion as he continued through the Thieves Guild, explored Blackwood, and eliminated a certain Wood Elf in Bruma...

Elder Scrolls Online Talks Bastian Hallix, One Of The Two Upcoming Companions In Blackwood

The Elder Scrolls Online is gearing up for its major chapter launch at the beginning of June with Blackwood, and it's starting to talk about some of the characters you'll meet in the expansion. This latest Meet the Character article talks Bastian Hallix, one of two of the Companions you can quest with in the upcoming Blackwood chapter.

ZOS Investigating Elder Scrolls Online Inventory Bugs

It looks like Outriders isn't the only game affected by inventory issues. Elder Scrolls Online seems to be suffering from some inventory scrolling and selling issues as well. However, it looks like Zenimax Online Studios are aware and looking into the issues.

ESO Adventures: I'm Home

With Blackwood on the horizon as the next chapter for Elder Scrolls Online taking us back to Cyrodiil, Shank revisits his favorite game of all time: Oblivion.

Meet Mirri Elendis, One of the Companions Coming to Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood

The team over at Zenimax Online Studios have published some new information on Mirri Elendis, one of the companions coming to Elder Scrolls Online's next chapter, Blackwood. Just who is she?