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World of Warcraft: What To Do To Prepare For 9.1

Christopher Hutton Posted:
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After one of the most prolonged periods in WoW history without content updates, Blizzard announced that Patch 9.1 would be released on June 29th worldwide. While most players have completed a significant amount of content already, many players are still catching up on content. Whether it is grinding out gear for the Sanctum of Domination or getting their Covenant Renown maxed out, there is a lot to do in preparation for this massive update to the game.

Run Mythic+

While 9.1 will likely incorporate mechanics to allow players to max out ilevels quickly, players should spend some time finishing Mythic+ dungeons. Season 1 of the Shadowlands Mythic Dungeons will be wrapping up on the 29th. That means that any chance to get “The Proud” title or the Sintouched Deathwalker (Which requires players to complete all dungeons at Mythic level 15 within the time limit) will be gone.

PVP Grind

At that same time, the PVP Season 1 grind will come to a halt on the 29th. Players who wish to become Gladiator in Shadowlands PVP Season 1 will need to seriously grind out those Rated Battlegrounds to get the grind and to acquire the Sinful Gladiator’s Soul Eater mount. It would also allow ranked PvPers to receive a unique set of gear for the season.

Build Renown 

While most active players have likely finished grinding their way to Renown 40 on their mains, now is an excellent time to finish that grind. 9.1 will add 40 additional Renown levels for players to grind out as they explore Korthia and work to unite the four Covenants in a campaign against the Jailer. If you have not finished that grind yet, now is a perfect time to do so!

Shadowlands has incorporated several mechanics for catching up on Renown so that alts and less-active players are not left behind due to not keeping up with the original Renown content gates. These include:

  • Covenant Campaign Chapters
  • Gathering Anima for the weekly quest
  • Gathering Souls for the Weekly Quest
  • Defeating dungeon end-bosses
  • Completing Callings
  • Raids
  • PvP

Doing so will allow players to gather all of the excellent rewards, but they will also be ready for the Renown grind. They will also receive Flying as of chapter three of the new campaign.

Upgrade Your Support Systems

Each Covenant has tools available that make the game easier, from portal networks inside their covenant zone to specialized tools. If you have not finished upgrading them already, now is a good time to do so. Blizzard did state that they intend to increase anima rewards but that players should continue collecting anima until the expansion.

Finish That Rep Grind:

Finishing the Renown Grind will undoubtedly be a wise decision, but so will the chance to befriend all Covenants’ factions’ reputation grinds. Completing Callings, World Quests, and other events around each zone should allow players to take advantage of the various toys, mounts, and mogs that each faction offers. Not only is this an excellent way to get some easily purchased gear (assuming you are not already geared up), but they offer an assortment of Skill recipes that players can use to accelerate skills and gear leveling.

The Maw:

While the Maw will change significantly with the arrival of 9.1, players should consider finishing their rep grinds with Ve’nari in the immediate future. Not only will it empower them with an assortment of items for progressing through the region, but it will open up several new areas for exploration when it arrives. There is an assortment of beasts and artifacts around the map that can accelerate that rep grind.

Grind out the Soul Ash on your Main

While the in-game currency for upgrading player legendaries across several alts can feel tumultuous and overwrought at times, 9.1 will be making the process easier. First off, players will have the ability to trade Soul Ash across alts, allowing players to use all their excess Soul Ash on their main to upgrade alts.

Stygia Mining: 

In that same vein, Stygia will be an advantageous currency in 9.1 for leveling up gear. Once players reach Friendly with the Death’s Advance Faction (Based in The Maw), players will be able to purchase Korthian Armaments. Players can turn this random token into an assortment of level 200 items. While the item is still based on RNG (making the acquisition of select items difficult), it is an excellent way to get that edge, especially after players have already bought most of Ve’nari’s upgrades in the region.

The upcoming patch has a lot coming, but don’t feel overwhelmed if you cannot catch up. Blizzard has incorporated many mechanics to allow players to catch up gameplay-wise and will likely make it easier. But if you are feeling feisty, now is the best time to get grinding for that gear. 


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