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Wizard101's Spring Update Recap!

Spring has come, and it has sprung up some updates to Wizard101!

Seth Koenig Posted:
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It’s that time of the year in the spiral, for the test realm for Wizard101 has come for the Spring Update! With this update, it brings forth several new additions and changes to the pet system, some new maps and group options for the Beastmoon event, and several other changes to the game! Let’s take a further look into the new Test Realm!

Pet Power!

Pets are all the talk of this Spring Test Realm in Wizard101 - from new talents, to new abilities as “Play as your Pet”, there sure has been quite the talk of pets. First off, a new type of talent has been introduced into the spiral! Will Cast talents are new versions of talents that can be used in combat! With these talents, you can choose when these will go off, but beware, the talents require some turns before usage and they have a cooldown before they can be used again! Also, there are some new “Adventure Talents” out there to find in the spiral. From school specific reagents, to treasure cards, to even Spellements, there are several new talents to discover!

Alongside this, WIzard101 has introduced a fun new activity, “Play As Your Pet!” Roam the spiral, interact with chests and reagent spawns, or just chase your friends around the commons! This new feature uses a new “Happiness” bar, which can be refilled by feeding your pet some pet snacks in the Pet Pavilion. These new features and talents require Happiness to perform, so make sure to feed your pet some snacks on the regular to keep his happiness up! Finally, alongside all these changes, there is a new event centered all around pets! From feeding your pet, to winning a pet, to hatching new pets - this event is pretty easy to finish! For finishing, you have a chance of unlocking some awesome goodies!

Item Sets + Item UI Overhaul

Another major change coming into the Wizard101 universe is a major overhaul of the Item UI interface! With this overhaul, it is now far easier to compare one item to another, and it will even tell you specifically what stats you are gaining, and which you are losing. Alongside this, they have finally introduced Item Sets! Item Sets work similar to other MMORPGs, in which the more of a certain set you are wearing, the more bonus stats you will gain - from more damage, to more health, or other important stats to help you along your way! 

Other Important Updates!

As with many Test Realms, there are several smaller - but still important changes! Here’s a quick recap of some of those, but if you want the full rundown of the updates coming to Wizard101, here is the full list of patch notes!

  • Beastmoon brings forth two new maps, Aquilan and Celestian themed! Alongside this, there are two new beast forms, anti-griefing measures, and you can finally group up with your friends!
  • As we teased before, Fellspawn has hit the spiral - filled full of challenges, and loot for you to get your hands on!
  • Khrysalis now has fishing! Explore the dark waters and you may reel in a new species!
  • Triton Avenue has gotten a makeover, both in the questline and visually! Much lightning, such flash.

These changes will be hitting the Live Realm soon, but keep an eye out for the official date on the Wizard101 social medias!


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