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Wizard101's Doomsday Krok Gauntlet

Doomsday has hit Krokotopia - check out the brand new gauntlet in Wizard101!

Seth Koenig Posted:
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This just in wizard! The Professor has detected a distress signal in.. Krokotopia? That’s right! Introducing to the spiral - the next gauntlet housing item to Wizard101, the Doomsday Krok Gauntlet! Just what awaits you and the Professor? Well, let’s take a little sneak peek into the desert and just see what our Krok friends have been up to! A huge shout-out to the team over at KingsIsle for letting me dive into this ahead of time and give you guys an early look into this new gauntlet!

First thing - Krokotopia has gotten a makeover! What was once a dull desert has been transformed into a shiny oasis! As we enter the sandlands, it is introduced to us that we have crashed course into a different timeline, where the Kroks are awakened and yet again causing havoc in Krokotopia. It is our job to reverse this, and get safely back to our current timeline! This dungeon has a very cool storyline, where we work from one timeline to stop the implications seeping over to the current timeline of the spiral. As with the Sinbad Gauntlet, this gauntlet also has its very own loading screen, which is very well done! Of course, with any dungeon, there will be a few challenges along the way, and you may even come across a familiar face or two along the way!

As you progress further within the gauntlet, there will be a few tricky boss fights, and even a secret boss fight … if you can find these troublesome trio of baddies! None of the fights are overly complicated, but there are still some surprises in store for you and your friends! This little critter in particular may alter the flow of time a few times. He also has a few other tricks to him, so beware when you come across the webs of this fearsome foe! For the max level (which is the range I was doing the gauntlet on), there was a nice challenge level, but it never felt too hard to do solo! There could be different mechanics if you brought an entire group in, so keep an eye out on that when you get ready to run with your friends. Now, everyone’s favorite part - what are the drops that I can get from this gauntlet?

Farming a gauntlet, or anything really, with one person isn’t the best way to get a good idea what new items could drop from this gauntlet, but the drop tables rolled in my favor a time or two - and I can show off one of the new mounts that will come from this upcoming release! A big fearsome Krokopshinx! You can stomp around the spiral in-style with this gigantic Krokosphinx of empress proportions! (side effects may include some interesting camera angles and running into things more often). There are a few other fun surprises in this gauntlet release … but it’s never fun to spoil all the fun, is it?

Thanks again to the team over at Wizard101 for the early look into the new Doomsday Krok Gauntlet! Overall, this gauntlet is pretty straightforward, and should be easy to farm and get the new lucrative drops that come with this release! As before with the SInbad Gauntlet, there are two ways to obtain this gauntlet - directly purchasing from the store on the website, or opening packs to obtain reagents to craft this! Either way, this gauntlet is sure to be a sand-rific time for you and your friends! One final note - this little vendor will be a very nice addition, but you’ll have to wait to see just what he offers when you run it yourself!


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