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Wizard101: Sinbad and Iron Sultan Dual Release!

Seth Koenig Posted:
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Just off the heels of the recent lore pack, Wizard101 has surprised us with a dual release - Sinbad Hoard Pack and the Sinbad and Iron Sinbad Gauntlet! The pack contains three new pet variants, a Roc-in mount, and three new gear sets - but what is sparking a lot of discussion is the gauntlet, and moreso, the methods to obtain the new gauntlet. Let’s dive in and take a look at all the talk in the spiral!

In previous releases, most gauntlets have come in the form of prepaid bundle cards, such as the most recent release of the Fairytale Bundle! This time around, it appears they have taken a different approach this time around, with the dual release. The gear, mount, and pets normally in a gauntlet bundle have found their way into the pack - Sinbad Hoard Pack, and the gauntlet has been introduced into two different locations. If you want to straight up buy the gauntlet, it is available in the store for $39.99 along with 7500 crowns! However, there is another way to get this gauntlet - which is where the pack ties into this release!

The Sinbad Hoard Pack is overall a pretty good pack - giving competitive wand options for max level wizards - along with some good gear options, cool cosmetics and housing items. However, it starts to get interesting when we look at the reagents. This pack introduces a new option that has never been used before - pack exclusive reagents! In this pack, there are three different types of clay you can obtain, and use to craft the gauntlet! I personally am a HUGE fan of having a different option of obtaining this gauntlet, and it does appear that this is the cheaper way than just straight buying it, so I would recommend going about getting the gauntlet through the reagent/crafting route.

Let’s talk about the gauntlet itself next! First off, I need to give major props to the environmental team for this gauntlet. Every zone in this gauntlet is stunning and very well done. To me, it really does give off quite the pirate vibe. Another positive is the daily reward statue you get from this gauntlet! For completing the entire gauntlet, you are rewarded with the Iron Sultan statue - and it gives you a daily reward. So far, I’ve gotten some bundle pets, Amber, and some other reagents - so it seems on par with the other daily item options.

On the flip side, in terms of rewards, there is a problem with this gauntlet. It isn’t what you can get, it is how often you actually get anything meaningful. In most other gauntlets, you get something of use at the very least every other run. In the Iron Sinbad Gauntlet, the drops can seem almost non-existent. Most runs you’ll only get some housing items, treasure cards and gold. Also, in this gauntlet, there exists a secret boss that spawns named Metallios. This boss has been quite the topic through the community, and not for the best of reasons. This boss has an insanely low drop of any items, with most wizards getting ONLY gold. This should absolutely be changed - I would love to see some sort of reward for every boss fight, not just in the rare occurrence. 

Overall, the Sinbad and Iron Sultan release has been a good one, and it promises some positive change when it comes to immediate accessibility for all wizards. The gauntlet and pack both have their perks, but there is still some work that could be put in to make it a top notch gauntlet. What do you think of the new Sinbad Hoard Pack and Gauntlet release? Feel free to comment down below!


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