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Wizard101 Holiday Festivities 2019 Edition

Seth Koenig Posted:
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When the snow starts to fall and the calendar hits December, many games start to ramp up their holiday festivities, and Wizard101 is no exception! This year around, in the 12 Days of the Spiral event, we have all sorts of new stuff - including the Yule Logger Pack, a new mount that contributes toward charity, and more! Also, for the winter season, we have a new Scroll of Fortune! Combined with all of the returning favorites and the decorations returning to Wizard City, there sure is a lot to go over - so let’s shake open the new presents KingsIsle has given us! Be sure to click on each item name to learn more about it! 

Yule Logger Pack

A yearly tradition to Wizard101 returns again - a brand new holiday themed pack! The Yule Logger Pack, priced at 299 Crowns per pack, comes with three new sets of flannel logging gear, perfect for your expeditions into the icy lands of Polaris. There is a brand new energy gear set included, so gardeners and pet trainers rejoice! The pack also comes with a new 4-person mount, the Toboggan mount! This mount is great for questing with your buddies, and is one of the few 4-person mounts in the game. Returning to the pack are the festive Gingerbread pets, first obtainable in the Gingerbread Pack. Finally, you can obtain the newly released Reindeer Knight Spellements in this pack, and can even unlock the spell this way if you do not have the spell yet! The pack will be around until January 6th - so make sure to get all the items you want before then!

Santa Jaws Charity Mount

As with many other years, we have the return of a new charity mount into the game. This year, it comes in the form of Santa Jaws! The Santa Jaws mount comes as your traditional 40% mount, but sporting a santa hat and some holiday themed attire! This fearsome, yet jolly mount will sport you 7500 crowns - and the proceeds from this mount, up to $50,000, will be split between two awesome Austin-based charities, so make sure to pick this mount up and help give back to others this holiday season!

Winter Scroll of Fortune

Finally, we have the new battle pass-esque Scroll of Fortune for the winter season! This time around, some of the top tier rewards include a new winter themed hairstyle, a crystal wand, one of the popular Kroger may cast jewels, several popular member benefit elixirs, and this cute new emote! There are many more goodies available, so this is definitely worth the time and investment this season! While there are certain tiers that are available for all wizards, to get access to the higher tiers, it is 7500 Crowns for members, and 15,000 for non-members. The scroll lasts until March 2nd - so make sure to grab it soon to get going on those awesome rewards!

Holiday season is sure a busy time in the spiral, and this year is no exception! There’s plenty of new items available, and other surprises await as we continue through December and the 12 Days of the Spiral event! To everyone in the spiral, have a jolly holiday season - and may you all get your most desired items from the new pack or the Scroll of Fortune! Thank you for reading, and have a merry holiday season!


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