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Wizard101 - Exploring Catacombs In The Latest Update

Seth Koenig Posted:
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It’s that time of the year again - Wizard101s major content patch! With this update, we have two new dungeons - one for lower levels, and a new dungeon storyline for max level wizards! Along with these two new dungeons - we also have new event updates, a new spellwrighting upgrade system, improvements to the hatchmaking kiosk, and several other new features! There’s a lot to go over, so keep on reading for all the details on this test realm! (As a note, there will be some spoilers to the storyline of these dungeons - so if you haven’t ran these proceed with caution!)

First off is the big content of the update - two new dungeons! For wizards level 15 and over, you can head over to that Olde Town drain that has been of much examination by the NPCs - and start an adventure into the sewers! Along the way, you’ll get a sneak peek into some familiar faces that may or may not appear in the other dungeon, and encounter a very dapper ant sporting a tuxedo! However, the real fun starts in the form of the Drains and Catacombs, the new max level dungeon content!

With the latest end-game content, wizards can expect a mighty challenge - with several bosses sporting brand new cheats and mechanics! These bosses also hit hard, so be prepared for quite the journey to fully complete this new area. Also, there is a brand new set of max level gear, but it is quite a challenge to craft, so get your farming shoes on and prepare to put some heavy time in to get your hands on these new pieces of gear! Overall, the new dungeon is a challenge that wizards have been asking for a while - and as always, visually stunning! There are so many exciting areas, and some unfamiliar ones to Wizard!

Besides the gear and fights themselves, there are some fun story developments in the Catacombs area. As you are investigating ancient markings (sounds oh so familiar..), you come across the discover that the Druids, the new NPC type in Catacombs, have come from an ancestral home - Ravenwood! It also is quickly revealed that Druids used Ley Lines as a form of transportation before spiral doors came to exist, and wove connections to worlds existing beyond Bartelby’s roots. It’s all exciting lore development - but as to whether any of this ties into potential Arc 4 plot, we’ll have to wait and see!

Aside from the new dungeons, we have some other big changes! First up - the Beastmoon event has a brand new map - a grassy arena awaits you, with new routes and new locations to fight claim over! The Deckathalon has had a MAJOR revamp, now with three runs max per day, the return of the leaderboard, and now extends to ten stages! You can even fight the teacher of the corresponding school on the top floor.. If you can make it there! A Backpack Butler to help all of us hoarders on Wizard101, a brand new Spellwrighting system (there isn’t much information on this quite yet - think of it as ways to upgrade spells you already have!). Finally, and perhaps one of my favorite updates - you can now search for specific talents in the Hatchmaking Kiosk!

This upcoming update to Wizard101 has a lot for wizards to be excited for. Whether you’re into difficult fights and engaging storylines, or whether you want to hunt down and capture points in the newly remodeled Beastmoon maps, this update has a little bit of everything to keep you busy! As with other test realms, make sure to check out these new features currently on the Test Realm - and should be shipping to the live realm soon!


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