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With Fallen Earth Back With New Servers This Week, Is there Another MMORPG You Would Love To See Brought Back?

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Many were surprised when it was announced that Fallen Earth would be back free-to-play with Classic servers. While the MMO went live again yesterday, it got me thinking: Is there a specific MMO I would love to see return, either planned or as a surprise?

There are actually two that stand out for me personally. For one, I'd love to see official support for Star Wars Galaxies make a return, with the MMO rereleasing on new and improved servers, but in a way that best represents the MMO during the height of its powers. Yes, I'm aware that emulated servers exist, but part of me really wants to experience the vanilla flavor of SWG. 

However, my ultimate choice is one I expect we'll see mentioned a few times here: Wildstar

When Wildstar first released, I played a bit with a friend who was reviewing it for IGN at the time. But it wasn't something I could particularly get into. At the time the aesthetic didn't do much for me, and I was incredibly invested in another MMORPG: The Elder Scrolls OnlineESO pretty much consumed my life, mostly because I was working with a prominent (at the time) ESO podcasting network. When I wasn't in ESO, I was in The Lord of the Rings Online.

So when I eventually meant to get back into Wildstar years later, the game had already shut down. It was actually pretty sad as many of my ardent MMO friends were telling me how great tanking was in the MMO, as well as how unique the setting felt - a  mix of sci-fi and the Wild West. 

If I could have my way, a classic Wildstar server would be the best gift the MMORPG Gods could bestow upon me. I would love to finally experience this MMO that so many have loved throughout the years with new appreciation for what was lost here.

What about you? If you could have any MMORPG come back as a classic server, what would it be?


Joseph Bradford

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