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Which MMO Expansion Launch Are You Playing Tomorrow?

Blackwood Or The Burning Crusade Classic?

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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It's rare to see two major MMOs launch versions of their game on the same day, but that is precisely what is happening tomorrow when Blizzard and ZeniMax Online Studios release theirs. Both World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls Online are launching new content for their game on June 1st, an event that has even other MMOs moving their dates around to avoid crashing into them.

So which one are you planning on playing tomorrow, if any? Are you looking forward to diving back into World of Warcraft's The Burning Crusade in its Classic form and reliving 2007's first expansion for the genre-defining hit. The Burning Crusade Classic brings its original vision back to World of Warcraft, letting players take the portal to Outworld and determine whether they are ready or not. 

If you're not following your respective Horde or Alliance friends through the portal, are you planning on playing The Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood? While The Burning Crusade Classic is heading back to 2007, Blackwood is heading back a little further, taking players to a place in Cyrodiil last seen in 2006, and even further still with Gideon being seen for the first time since The Elder Scrolls II: Arena. While The Burning Crusade Classic is a re-release of the expansion for fans eager for that Classic experience, Blackwood is the continuation of the Chapter releases ZeniMax has become known for, seeing a new story, mechanics with the Companion system, as well as a brand new tutorial. 

For me, since I'm doing our Blackwood review, I'll be diving into ESO once Update 30 and the Chapter release go live on Tuesday. But that won't stop me from checking out The Burning Crusade Classic this week at some point. As someone who never played TBC when it first launched, I'm interested in seeing this expansion which saw friends of mine leave other games and groups we were playing just to grind and raid in Outland. 

So while we don't see too many MMO releases this close together, let alone the same day, MMO fans are getting spoiled tomorrow. Which one will you be hopping into, if you're planning on braving the server queues and potential (and almost expected) server issues that normally plague MMO release days? If you're not planning on hopping in one of them tomorrow, why not? 


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