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What Do You Want To See Out Of CDPR's Multiplayer Witcher Game?

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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I'll admit: I have always wanted to play The Witcher 3 with friends. Sure, it's an outstanding single player title in its own right, setting the tone (and quality bar) for open-world RPGs that games still fail to meet nowadays. However, as much as I enjoyed exploring Skellige as Geralt, I would have also enjoyed doing the same on my own little skiff with a friend to keep my company.

With the announcement yesterday that one of the upcoming Witcher titles would for sure be getting multiplayer mode as one of its major pillars, it got me thinking: what exactly do I want to see out of my multiplayer?

In a perfect world, we'd get the next great MMORPG. A world as rich and vibrant as The Witcher could easily become the foundation for a stellar Western-developed MMORPG, so long as the features were compelling enough. No pay-to-win, ensuring that grouping is a foundation but isn't the only way to play (such is the life of solo MMO players nowadays). Maybe a buy-to-play game with an optional premium sub to keep everything going as its business model to avoid the cash shops that plague pretty much all games nowadays.

But for me, I'd love the idea of being able to not play as a Witcher only, but sit as a great champion at arms in one of the various faction armies, or join the ranks of the Council alongside Yennefer and Triss as a Wizard or Sorceress. Could we see PvP crop up as players choose to ally themselves with Nilfgaard or one of the Temerians, with wizards, Witchers and more fighting on both sides?

I'm not ever going to actually expect a Witcher MMORPG. Even for a company as large as CDPR, the idea of them developing an MMO alongside another full trilogy of Witcher titles, a new IP altogether as well as the next installment in Cyberpunk is insane, but a fun one to think about. Likely we are going to see a multiplayer open-world RPG, either with persistent multiplayer and the ability to do the campaign with a friend, or even something along the lines of how Elden Ring implements multiplayer. 

What do you want to see, if you had your wish, from a multiplayer Witcher? Let us know in the comments.


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