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What Are You Looking Forward To Today With World of Warcraft's Announcement?

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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We know we're going to be hearing about the future of World of Warcraft in a special announcement stream by Blizzard today. However, is there anything you're hoping to hear from the company as part of the announcement?

While leaks and datamining have all but confirmed the next retail expansion of WoW will be called Dragonflight, there isn't a whole lot more there to glean from. Sure, there are a ton of "leaks" and speculation by the community (our sister site, MMO-Champion, even linked to a spreadsheet yesterday tracking all of them), but without anything definitive, it's all just that, speculation.

So what are you hoping to see from Blizzard today? Are you hoping for a new race or class to dive into as 10.0 approaches? Is there something specific that you really liked in Shadowlands that you're hoping Blizzard iterates on further with the next expansion? Maybe it's a story thread or character you're looking to get more screentime? Will Dragonflight see us taking flight on the eponymous dragons at some point? 

If you're not really looking forward to Warcraft's future today, why? Is it simply due to the lukewarm reaction many players have had the last few expansions? Or, like many, are you watching with tentative interest, thanks mainly to the ongoing lawsuit facing the studio from last year (like myself)?

However you're approaching today's reveal, we'd love your thoughts. What, if anything, are you looking forward to seeing? What are you hoping to hear from Blizzard as we move towards 10.0? Let us know in the comments below.


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