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Warframe: Home Devstream #7 Recap

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The 7th at Home Devstream started October with a BANG!  While we were all hitting F5 in a queue to get our hands on a new RTX 3000 series NVIDIA cards or the next-gen console preorders, Digital Extremes was hard at work with the rest of the year updates. While I am sure most of the stuff mentioned in the devstream will make it to the game by the end of the year, but there is always a possibility of a delay in some features.

One thing to note, since the digital Tennocon reveals, it seems like Digital Extremes has shortened their projected update timelines. Before this year’s Tennocon, we heard about updates that were years out like Railjack and New War in 2018, Tennocon. Railjack didn’t come out until the beginning of this year, and the New War still hasn’t come out. The new reveal schedule seems easier to digest and feels less like what is mentioned is going to morph into a totally different concept. The studio is still extremely transparent with the updates, but they are not overwhelming the community with grand expectations for the game in 2030. That said, on to what we can expect for the remainder of the year.

Lavos (Alchemist)

Warframe Lavos

Lavos is the next warfame that will be released at a future date. Right now, there is no gameplay, but the frame looks incredible. The warframe has snakes running up and down the arms. On the Warframe Devstream, they said they are hoping for the snakes on the arms to move, possibly. The animations and the abilities are still in work, so there is currently no more than a name and the basic in-game look. This next and the last warframe of 2020, to come out by the end of the year, hopefully. I am still enjoying Xaku, so there is no rush for a new warframe.

Nezha Prime

Warframe Nehza Prime

If you have been flowing Warframe for a while, you should know how the Prime cycles work. It is really no surprise the Nezha will be the next Prime warframe. Personally, I am super excited for Nezha Prime; he is my main warframe. Well, Nezha and now Xaku. I will need to wait about four more years for Xaku to be a Prime, though. The best part about Nezha Prime is the fire dragons whirling around his body. I could not have asked for a better Prime! It Brings tears of happiness to my eyes.

Deimos Arcana

Warframe Deimos Arcana

This update will be pretty big, and it sounds like it will be the last major update of 2020. Here are the key features of the update:

  • A new Necramech is called Bone Widow, according to Rebecca Ford’s enthusiasm for the name. It is not final, but she was chanting the name for a good 20 seconds or so.
  • Necramechs can go to Rank 40 with a larger mod capacity. This is nice because I felt some of the mods I really wanted were not being used. More mod capacity is always better. Along with more mod capacity, the T1 and T2 Necramech drop rate will be increased.
  • This is a big point: The sub-terrain is going to grow in size. One of the best features of Deimos is the procedurally generated sub-terrain area. Making this larger is going to be great.
  • One thing that I like least about Deimos is the toxicity mechanic in the isolation vault. The update will make it, so the toxicity phase is down from 3 minutes to 1 minute 30 seconds, I will accept that. I might not care for the toxicity phase, but it does add a flare to the game.
  • Another fantastic change coming is more bounties and no cooldown on subterranean bounties. I will stay underground for days!
  • For long time veteran players, Mastery Rank 30 will be coming with a whole slew of rewards. One of the most significant rewards is the ability to buff people in a relay. The buffs will only last a small amount of time, but it will be an excellent way to bring the community closer together. Unfortunately, I am only MR 23, so it will be a while before I get any of the rewards. What MR are you? Will you be MR once this update drops?
  • …And more, like lore, five infested weapons, new enemies (queue ZZ Top’s Legs), and a large amount of quality of life fixes.


Warframe October Breast Cancer Awareness

October started great for Warframe, and it is going to end the month just as great. In only nine days, Warframe has raised over $50,000 for the Quest to Conquer Cancer. This is amazing and probably one of the reasons Warframe was nominated for Best Gaming Community of the Year for the 38th Golden Joystick Awards. That is just a start to October! In-game, we can look forward to the yearly event Day of the Dead, going on now until November 2nd, and the new Halloween event called The Nights of Naberus launching on all platforms this week. Towards the end of the month, we can expect the end of Inaros Prime Access and the start of Nezha Prime on October 27th. I am going to find a nice warm cocoon to seal up until Nezha Prime comes out. What part of what is coming soon, or by the end of 2020, are you most excited about?


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