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Three Things I'm Loving About Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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I’m not a Destiny 2 pro by any stretch of the imagination. However, I’m not a complete blueberry either. I first played Destiny 2 when it launched in 2017 and then stopped after a month or so. With Bungie’s recent independence from Activision, and with Shadowkeep providing that crucial Destiny 2 Reborn stepping stone, I decided to hop back in. Good lord, Destiny 2 is amazing. Here are three things I’m loving and remembering about my return to Destiny 2.


Destiny 2 Is Beautiful On PC

I had completely forgotten just how unbelievably beautiful Destiny 2 is on PC. I’m not sure that there have been any major graphics overhauls in the two years since I last played Destiny 2 in any earnest, but there can be no doubt that the game is absolutely beautiful on PC. I’m currently playing fully maxed out in my native 3440x1440p resolution with the resolution scale set to 120% for extra antialiasing, and I’m achieving over 100fps on average. This buttery smooth framerate coupled with Bungie’s gorgeous art direction, fantastic stylized lighting, impossible horizons, and beautifully chaotic particles all combine to provide me one of the greatest visual treats in a shooter. Because I prioritize graphics above all other features in a game, the beauty and technical competence of Destiny 2 simply amplify my fun.

All The Loot

Unlike other failed looter-shooters to have released this year (I’m not naming names, but Anthem), Destiny 2 constantly showers me in loot. Having started a new character at Power Level 750, the chase for ever-better gear and ever-greater power is intoxicating. I am constantly rewarded for virtually every single thing I do in Destiny 2, and chasing the carrot has never felt better. This rain of rewards combined with Armor 2.0, which introduced mods, has me constantly tinkering with my Warlock. To put this in perspective for you all, I am absolutely NOT a min-maxer, so the fact that Destiny 2 has me genuinely enjoying tinkering with my armor and weapons should serve to show just how much I’m loving the loot chase.

The Scarlett Keep

The Scarlett Keep is a strike introduced in Shadowkeep and is actually a quest in that campaign. For obvious reasons, I won’t describe exactly what happens from a story perspective, but I have no problem telling you all just how utterly incredible this strike really is. The thing that struck me most was just how well designed the entire strike was from beginning to end. You’re fighting your way through to the keep while being bombarded by all manner of Hive creating this ceaseless push forward. I really did feel like I was fighting towards something. And in a game where you are shooting everything all the time, for Bungie to achieve a moment like this and to have it stand out from all the other shooting is outright impressive. All this adds to the chaos and kinetic energy to produce a thoroughly frenetic but instantly memorable strike. I’m not sure it’s better than The Pyramidion, but it’s just as good. And I can give it no higher compliment than that.

The Road Goes Ever On And On…

For a game so multi-faceted as Destiny 2, even picking a handful of things to discuss is incredibly difficult. But these three features – the graphics, the constant loot, and the instantly memorable Scarlett Keep strike – are ones that stand out most in my last week or so with the game. I’m going to play my fill of Destiny 2 before Red Dead Redemption 2 arrives on PC in a month’s time. But in the meantime, be sure to check back in later this week as we’ll have our full review of Destiny 2 Shadowkeep.


Poorna Shankar