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The Top 10 Dos & Don'ts for Your First LAN Party

Patrick Soulliere Posted:
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LAN parties are an exciting opportunity for gamers to come together, play their favourite games and socialise with other like-minded people. They provide a fun, safe space for gamers to connect, make new friends and share their passion. However, for a first-timer, a LAN party can be a daunting experience, particularly if you don’t know any other gamers attending.

There is a selection of unspoken rules when attending a LAN event, which first-timers may be unfamiliar with. To prevent any embarrassing mistakes and enjoy the best possible experience, follow these top 10 dos and don’ts at your next LAN party.

1. DO — Meet new people

Everyone that attends a LAN party or event has a passion for gaming. That means you’re situated in a room full of people just like you. Chat and socialise with other gamers – you never know, you may leave having made friends for life!

2. DON’T — Excessively scream and shout

Yes, being killed in a game isn’t a fun experience but don’t be that person who takes it really badly. Having a temper tantrum and yelling at other gamers won’t win you any new friends and will likely put people off playing with you. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional scream or shout of excitement but the key is not acting like that the whole time. If you lose, keep your head and move on — no one likes a sore loser.

3. DO — Bring extra cords

Not bringing enough cords, or the right ones, is rookie error 101 and means you won’t be able to participate. Bring extra ethernet cables, power strips, extension cords and any other cables you PC may need. You may not use all of them, but somebody always forgets a cord so, it’s always good to have a few spares lying around.

4. DON’T — Mess with another gamer’s PC

Some pranksters think it’s funny to go around and play with other people’s PCs while they are away. It’s not. LAN parties are a fun, safe space for like-minded people to do what they love. Don’t ruin someone else’s experience by messing their kit up, it won’t win you any favours.

5. DO — Bring snacks

It’s likely that you will be gaming for several hours, and even overnight. Depending on where the LAN is being held, there many not be any shops to pop out to at 1am, so ensure that you have enough food and drink to get you through the party. Pack wisely to avoid a sugar crash!

6. DON’T — Leave a mess

There’s nothing worse than gaming amongst someone else’s rubbish. Clean up after yourself and ensure that your area is tidy. No one wants to sit for hours on end in a place that smells.

7. DO — Set an example

The great thing about LAN parties is that they’re inclusive. Entire families come along, friends, small children etc. – everyone can join in the fun. As such, it’s important to set an example for younger participants. They look to you as an adult, so set an example and help them if they need it.

8. DON’T — Use speakers

There’s nothing worse than someone playing music out of speakers and disturbing other gamers. Even if you’re used to gaming with speakers, be respectful of other players and bring headphones. If you must bring speakers, plug your own headphones into them to avoid annoying everyone else.

9. DO — Have fun

LAN’s are about spending time with fellow gamers and making new friends, the winning part is less important. So, try not to get too immersed in the game and have fun! Many LAN parties have board games, competitions for the best rig build, and I even saw a huge game of tug of war once.

10. DON’T — Come unprepared

Before you arrive, make sure that you’ve downloaded all of the games you intend to play and install any PC updates. This will help you get started faster, and people will thank you for it.

So, if you’re attending a LAN event for the first time, don’t be nervous. They’re a great place to have fun, make new friends and most importantly, game. If you follow these top 10 do’s and don’ts, you’ll get through any LAN party with ease.


Patrick Soulliere