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The Quiz - Which World of Warcraft Villain Are You?

William Murphy Posted:
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Games are serious business, we get it. But that doesn't mean they can't be a bit of stupid fun too. They're games after all, not world politics. With that in mind, we're starting something new today: The Quiz. A while back we tried these, but we didn't have the tech to do them right. Yes it's pointless, yes it's silly, but have a little laugh. 

The quiz is a java script, and while it'll load faster on the upcoming new site, give it 1-10 seconds to load. Don't forget to share your results and let us know if you like this goofy little feature. We hope to do them often enough if they're something you guys appreciate. No, it's not hardcore MMO journalism, but it's fun and we hope enough of you will like them that the quiz will bring some of your friends here as well. 

After all, pageviews are the name of the game, right? How's that for honesty? Give the quiz a go and leave us your feedback!


William Murphy

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