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The Quick and Dirty: Lost Ark's Summer Patch

Anthony Lowry Posted:
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Last Month, Amazon-Smilegate released the summer roadmap for Lost Ark, and while it seemed underwhelming, it’s actually pretty full of what we need to round out the rest of Tier 3. We’re super close to caught up to the KR version (Akkan aside), and with this patch, followed by the September update, there’s quite a bit in store for us!

First off, Event Guardians return. Event guardians were a great way to know if people knew how to do basic Destruction/Stagger mechanics get some extra rewards for your weekly padding. They were fairly low effort, pretty quick, and gave generous goodies. This time around, the rewards are a tad bit underwhelming, with Powders of Sage being the best rewards out of the special sales, but more honing materials is never a bad thing, so we’ll take that!

Next is the Pet Ranch. This system requires a level 15 Stronghold, and is used to gain various rewards for your pets, including, but not limited to, making them legendary. Legendary pets provide an additional buff on top of the stats they already give, making this kind of essential for the end game. The list of bonuses you can receive are listed here.  Fortunately, all of this is completely free, and while it isn’t the worst implementation of the Chao Garden I’ve seen, it will take some time to get going and get a legendary pet. A welcome addition to the Stronghold.

The Blooming Makokos sub event is a large scale whack-a-mole event, giving raw gold in the process. Apparently you can receive upwards of 10k gold if you’re unreasonably lucky, but 100 gold seems to be fairly common, so this event is certainly worth doing, on top of the other rewards!

The Cash Shop has been updated with wingsuit armor and bikes. The most notable update to me, however, is the reintroduction of paid powerpasses, and at a discount. I understand that this is a controversial thing, but I’m a big fan of these, especially for players who really don’t care for anything before Tier 3 that want to just get to working on the most relevant parts of Lost Ark. I still think the price for the Tier 3 pass is too much, but this discount makes it more bearable, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who has more money than time or patience.

And…that’s about it! This update is a very light one, especially compared to previous updates, but we’re also getting closer and closer to having everything short of Brelshaza. The updates are going to feel a lot smaller, and I think it’s important to curb our expectations to what’s left of the remaining updates. Next month is going to be the big one, as Machinist will be released, as well as Kukul-Saydon raid. This is the calm before the clown storm, and this should tide us over just fine until then.


Anthony Lowry

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