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The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle Launches Today - Are You Hopping In?

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The yearly chapter release for The Elder Scrolls Online has hit today, with High Isle opening up for players to start exploring. A mystery surrounding a Knightly Order bent on disturbing the peace, political intrigue and more fill High Isle's shores for players eagerly awaiting the chapter this year.

High Isle already feels a little different than previous ESO chapters of recent memory, as it is dealing with a much more "down-to-Nirn" story. Set in the Breton-held Systres Archipelago, High Isle aims to bring players to the peace talks being held by the representatives of the Three Alliances that have been waging war since ESO launched. The Ascendant Order aims to stop these talks by any means necessary.

From what I've played in previews and the PTR, I'm intrigued as to where ZeniMax is taking the story. While I'll be jumping in the MMO today to start my review playthrough, I'm most interested the Druids that ZOS has introduced on High Isle, especially as we uncover what is causing the deep fissures and volcanic activity on the isle that is meant to be the paradise of Tamriel's rich. 

Additionally, the idea of a story rooted in Tamrielic politics and not which Daedric Prince this week has decided to take over the world is a refreshing change. I just hope the stakes being presented by ZeniMax in High Isle can rouse the same excitement during the story as facing something like a Vampiric threat in Greymoor or even last year's Daedric takeover by Mehrunes Dagon in Blackwood

While console players will be waiting a couple of weeks before diving into the Systres, PC, Stadia and Mac players can join today. Are you planning on jumping into The Elder Scrolls Online's latest chapter? What are you doing first, learning more about the Knightly Orders that dominate the island or heading straight to the tavern to try your hand at Tales of Tribute, the new card game added to ESO with this expansion? Let us know your thoughts below.


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