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Story of the Week: WildStar Revealed

William Murphy Posted:
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There’s simply too much info coming out of GamesCom this year.  From the PvP reveals for Guild Wars 2 and Funcom’s The Secret World, to The Old Republic’s outstanding showing of the Eternity Vault, to Warhammer Online’s PvP MOBA, and even Blizzard’s Transmogrification in WoW 4.3.  The week was not without plenty of news to cover.  But one blip deserves a spot among this week’s SotW more than all the rest, by the simple fact that it’s the first of many such “blips” we hope to hear over the next few years.

Carbine Studios and NCsoft finally announced their first project: WildStar Online.



As we news’d bright and early Wednesday morning, the game’s a nice blend of sci-fi and fantasy.  We also later uncovered the first classes and races revealed to the public.  And later our own John Milburn got some hands-on time with the demo on the show floor and came away very impressed.  And of course, there’s always that incredibly entertaining and gorgeous trailer that makes me want a TV show for WildStar posthaste. 



Yep, it was a big week for Carbine Studios and NCsoft as a whole.  Next week at PAX Prime we’ll be able to spend some more time with the developers and the game itself, and we can’t wait see what this talented team of industry veterans has in store.


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