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Six Reasons to Watch Revelation Online

William Murphy Posted:
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Just yesterday, rather out of the blue, it was announced that My.Com (Skyforge, Armored Warfare) will be bringing NetEase’s popular eastern MMORPG Revelation Online into the EU and NA territories. We’ve done a little research, and are sharing with you some of the reasons that you might want to keep your eyes on this import MMO.


First things first: yes, it certainly does seem like the lovechild of Aion and Blade & Soul, with a little Lineage 2 thrown in for good measure. But unlike many of the recent East-to-West MMO launches, Revelations classes are not gender locked. It’s almost like the developers actually understand that people like making their own character exactly as they want…


While in the Eastern version flight doesn’t come until level 29, once you have the ability, it becomes an absolutely integral part of the game and its combat. Each class has its own flight-based combat abilities, there are some parts of the game that can only be done after you’ve obtained the ability to fly, and there’s no time limitation on how long or how far you can stay in the air.


While Revelation Online has its share of organized and equalized PVP through Arenas and Battlegrounds, one of the more intriguing features is its massive castle sieges reminiscent of Lineage 2’s hayday, with no player-cap warfare at the center of the action as guilds vie for territory control.


It’s often overlooked in today’s MMOs, but having a seamless world where loading screens are few and far between is one of the surefire ways to help players get truly sucked into the world itself. Revelation Online is one such MMO, where the only loading screens are when entering dungeons or other instanced content like Battlegrounds and Arenas.


One of the highlights of Revelation’s class-based system is that players are free to tweak their characters’ stats, alter their many skills, and basically toy with several different builds in order to find their ideal way to play. In an era where so many games limit what a player can change about their character’s skills and abilities, it’s nice that Revelation Online seems eager to allow just that.  And yes, there are tanks, there are heals, support, and DPS roles.


There’s still something to be said for traditional theme park content like Dungeons and Raids. After all, the worlds’ most popular MMOs (WoW, FFXIV) still focus greatly on this sort of repeatable group content. Things are no different in Revelation, as the game sports no fewer than 8 dungeons at launch, and several raids of varying sizes.

How far behind will our version be, when compared to the game that’s been running in eastern countries for a while? How much will be changed? How long will the localization take? Will it be pay to win, or just pay to look pretty? Hopefully we learn all this and more in the coming months.


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