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[RETRACTION] OPINION: Saga of Lucimia Creative Director's View of Crunch is Out of Touch

An apology to Stormhaven Studios

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Editor's Note: Hi all - we've pulled this article as after further discussion and review I have come to the conclusion that this article failed to meet the high editorial standards we hold ourselves to - and you, our community do as well. The focus on this opinion piece was to discuss crunch and its effects on workers, as well as insight from Tim at Saga of Lucimia based on quotes given to us via our interview which ran on March 2nd. However, what was released did not read that way at all, instead reading like we were attacking Tim and the studio as a whole. That was definitely not the intention of the piece, and I want to apologize to Tim and the Saga team personally for this lack of editorial oversight. As such we have pulled this article and apologize vehemently for any damage this might have caused to Tim and the team at Stormhaven Studios.

I've also reached out to Tim personally and apologized, and I appreciate his candor and his insight throughout this discussion as well. We look forward to speaking with him and the team at Stormhaven moving forward.

As far as how we will be preventing this in the future, we've implemented more editorial oversight internally here at MMORPG, but ultimately it falls on me as Managing Editor to ensure that we do not allow this type of issue to occur in the future.Thanks, and as always we appreciate you reading and joining in on the discussion. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me here on our forums (@LotrLore) or via email at [email protected]

- Joseph Bradford, Managing Editor


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