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Ragnarok Journey - A Surprising Browser-based RO

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Ragnarok Journey is a vibrant remake of the original 2D top down hit game Ragnarok Online. It's currently in a beta-key access only state, but should be getting a wider launch soon. The new browser based MMORPG is about leveling up and creating the best character for you. The game starts you off simple allowing you to learn the basics and teaches you about the opportunities of the game and options you can do such as the MVP system, PvP, PvE, Guilds, equipment and the card system. The game offers a class system and each class has a specific style that it is based upon, but is as customizable as you make it.

Journey is a simple game that holds your hand all the way to the end game, but it offers depth and more content in exploration and deviation from the hand holding. Each unique maps allow exploration to find the highest level mobs to kill so you get more exp and loot. Each unique monster has a type that it is strong against and weak against.

You are offered the capability of type advantages, and using different spells or enchanted weapons to do more. Each area has a MVP, a boss monster that offers overpowering loot but challenges you to race against other players for scoring the highest damage. Each of these things adds more detail to the game and offering chances to make your character better, to get ahead, to unlock more content.

Ragnarok Journey uses the same style of Korean MMORPG gameplay as the original and uses very similar elements put forth in games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and Elder Scrolls Online. In short, Ragnarok Journey doesn’t do anything new. It keeps the same universe as all the other remakes of the original, but this one actually succeeded in being a decent remake (let’s not talk about RO2 or the gameboy game or any of the others…). This version of the game is like a lite version of the original, it has better graphics and capability due to the software. But the major problem is it's lacking depth, there is only one way to progress is the single basic storyline with even more basic side quests. It feels like RO light for busy or lazy people.

What’s the downside? RJ offers a complete autoplay option for multitasking, but it is not required. The game is much more fun if you manually explore all the game has to offer. The elements of the game offer much more than what you see if you use the auto functions. You can maximize your DPS participate in more events and get better loot if you take your time to play the game.  

Still, Journey feels as though it was built around the autoplay system, really advertising to the somehow profitable market of auto-playing web games. While in auto mode the game walks, talks, attacks, recommends a build to use, and does everything for you. You can press one button and get to max level, might aswell just open the tab for a day then say you beat the game! Netflix is more interactive because you get to press more than just the play button. On top of that, Journey offers the option to be pay for items and gear with a few buttons on the screen but these are optional and don’t actually change the game, they just help you move through the game faster rather than pay to play and pay to win.

Ragnarok Journey was very fun for me because of more than just nostalgia. It had all the good elements of a classic game for MMO and RPG fans. Also the game had a strong platform to let the community of the game grow and good quality content for those who love to be an adventurer. Ragnarok Journey is playable, offers quality content and does a lot more than mobile versions of the game, the only thing is there isn’t that much content. It feels like the team focused on quality over quantity a little too much. It’s definitely one of the better browser games available - especially for fans of RO.  I enjoyed my time and I’m hoping they continue to add more and more content for players to enjoy. Just remember, turn off auto-pathing.


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