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Possible Playable Races, Part Two

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The Miraluka are a distinctly Force-sensitive race who are also entirely absent of eyes and thus normal sight. Instead, the Miraluka view the world through use of The Force, even enabling them to identify Force users simply by “looking” at them. The Miraluka’s affinity to the Force and the selfless nature of their culture made them a good fit for the Jedi Order, however some of the more notable Miraluka characters in the Expanded Universe were either outright Dark Jedi, such as in the case of Jerec, or were initially a Sith apprentice, such as Visas Marr from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II.

Why we like them: Thematically their contemplative and selfless nature would make them interesting Jedi characters, and for that same reason they would also make great Sith characters as well, offering a lot more depth and potential for personal confliction. Some gamers might wonder what kind of Sith would choose some of the more forgiving decisions that have been presented to Sith characters in various articles describing gameplay demos of the The Old Republic– a Miraluka would be a good fit for this kind of personal confliction. Of course, they wouldn’t have too much to offer outside of the Force wielding classes, so their appeal may be limited.

Likelihood of making it in the game: Extremely likely. Face it, Jedi will be a major factor in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Miraluka’s are both fan favorites, and familiar to gamers both of the old LucasArts greats such as Jedi Knight (Jerec) and the more recent Knights of the Old Republic (Visas Marr) making for a logical and relevant choice. It also helps that the race is human-like as well, with really no major differences in appearance other than the lack of eyes.


The tattooed yellow-green Mirialans hail from the planet Mirial and were a religious race who put a lot of stock into the role of destiny in one’s life and often tattooed themselves to mark a particular accomplishment.

Why we like them: Assuming Bioware accounts for race in their dialogue system, I could see the Mirialans having some interesting and perhaps insightful dialogue choices. It would also be neat if you could earn new tattoos to mark yourself with following major plot points or accomplishments in the game.

Likelihood of making it in: Very likely. Mirialans have appeared in the prequel films, the Knights of the Old Republic games, the Clone Wars series, and even The Old Republic’s Threat of Peace webcomic. This fact, combined with their ease of implementation (human like, only differentiated by different skin tones and tattoos) makes them an obvious choice.

Mon Calamari

Everyone’s favorite fish-like Star Wars race popularized by the Rebel Alliance’s master-of-the-obvious Admiral Ackbar in the original films are a technologically advanced and cultured race, responsible for many creative works throughout the galaxy and renowned for their starship technology, which made up a large percentage of the Rebel Alliance’s rag-tag fleet. The sleek bulbous cruisers and the distinct B-Wing are both Mon Calamari designs.

Why we like them: Industrious, creative, and kind of cute in a “What if my goldfish could talk?” sort of way, there isn’t much to dislike about the Mon Calamari. Who doesn’t want to see a giant fish guy in a spacesuit mowing down Sith scum with a gatling laser? Come on now. I also knew two incredibly amusing Mon Cal merchants in Star Wars Galaxies who sat on their porches (in game) and crafted in their underwear. People who play Mon Cal characters tend to be quirky fellows, and I look forward to the opportunity to meet such people in The Old Republic. Though the inevitable “Admiral Snackbar” type names and repeated use of “IT’S A TRAP!” in whatever form the game’s general chat takes up is a considerable negative. Ah, who am I kidding? “IT’S A TRAP!”

Likelihood of making it in: I’d say almost guaranteed. They are simply too identifiable as a Star Wars race, with the Republic, and the Supreme Chancellor during the sacking of Coruscant was actually a Mon Calamari.


This Abe Sapien-looking race of amphibians from the planet of Glee Anselm feature large dark eyes and heads decorated with a multitude of head-tails almost dreadlock in appearance. During the time period The Old Republic is set in Nautolans did not have a large presence in the galaxy, however, a number of them did find their way as Sith, including Eison Gynt who was the last in the line of a Jedi dynasty, that ultimately turned out to be a Sith spy. In the prequel films, Jedi Master Kit Fisto was a Nautolan and most fans would likely recall his unforgettable grin. Of course, Kit Fisto unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your opinion of the guy) met his demise at the hands of Wrinkles, I mean, Chancellor Palpatine when Mace Windu confronts him about being the Sith Lord that the Jedi have been searching for.

Why we like them: I have always been personally fascinated with the Nautolan race, even though there is not really much to know about them. They simply have a distinct and unforgettable look, but they also appear to be fairly controversial. Most people either love ‘em or hate ‘em simply based on their look. I suppose it’s the bug eyes.

Likelihood of making it in: Possible. The race is represented well enough in the films, the Clone Wars series, comics, and books, and we’ve already seen a Nautolan (Eison Gynt) as part of the game’s official lore.

Be sure to check back next week, as we'll be taking a look at seven more races in the third and final part of the Possible Playable Races series!

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