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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Review

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot has been billed as a new take on the DBZ RPG, putting you directly in the shoes of the iconic Z Fighters as you go through the story of the legendary anime. But, how does it hold up in practice? Here's our review.

OPINION: New World & The Age-Old Clash Between PvE & PvP

Like many things in the industry (life, really), rampant tribalism emerges between various camps of differing beliefs, play styles, genres, etc. Many times, these divisions erode into truly toxic behavior and detestable language. But other times, these divisions lead to some good-natured poking. We need not look any further than last week’s news regarding New World and their constantly changing stance on PvE and PvP.

Christopher Tolkien: A Tribute From A LotRO Player

As someone who studies and reads The Lord of the Rings, Christopher Tolkien is a name I know well. His passing last week, aged 95, has had a profound impact on many lives, with many wondering where this leaves his father's estate and the rights to all of the stories yet adapted. However, for me, the passing has made me reflect on how the secondary universe has allowed me to fully enjoy games like The Lord of the Rings Online.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Impressions

There have been quite a few Dragon Ball Z games made over the years, and not all of them have been good. Here are my thoughts in my first few hours with Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

OPINION: What We Could See in The Elder Scrolls Online Skyrim Reveal

Elder Scrolls Online is set to reveal their next chapter tomorrow, January 16. To pass the time, I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring and provide my thoughts on what we could possibly expect to see at the reveal.

For the King…With Kids!

Red Thomas introduces a niece and nephew to For the King and attempts an online boardgame experience with the kids. To understand how this game might be a great introduction to other opportunities for remote-based family time, read on!

OPINION: My Take On A (Possible) Witcher MMO

I wrote last week about how I’ve been playing Witcher 3 quite religiously these last couple of weeks, ever since the Netflix show reignited my love for the game. This week, I figured I’d try my hand in discussing what a potential Witcher MMO could look like.

 5 MMOs That Were Gone Too Soon (And 3 That Should Have Been Gone Sooner)

MMORPG Gamers generally love the worlds they inhabit. Over the years we have seen some beloved games, with worlds that many players called home, vanish, and all that is left are the memories. We’ve compiled a short list of games that we wish were still around (in an official capacity) along with a few games that may have overstayed their welcome just a bit.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne PC Review

Monster Hunter World’s first expansion, Iceborne, launched on consoles four months ago but unfortunately – just like the base game – PC players had to wait to get their paws on the latest update. Finally, Iceborne’s new frozen region of Hoarfrost Reach and the new hub Seliana is available to explore on PC. With over 20 new monsters to hunt and a new Master Rank difficulty to progress through, this $39.99 expansion adds a meaty offering for Monster Hunter fans. Here’s our review.

Wizard101 - A Look Back at 2019

Coming off a momentous 10th anniversary and release of Empyrea Part 2, 2019 for Wizard101 was a year filled full of improvements to beginner experience and several new free to play additions! Hop in as we go over the past year in Wizard101, and take a look at the good and bad of 2019!

Detroit: Become Human PC Review

Detroit: Become Human is one of the heaviest, darkest, most intense games I have ever played. Here's our review.

Adventures in ESO Episode 2

After 10+ years of racing through MMOs, I’m finally playing my first MMO for the story and content. With everything I was told about The Elder Scrolls Online and it’s expansive content. This is episode 2.

Final Fantasy XIV's Story Helped To Define The MMO As One Of The Best

As the 2010s came to a close this week, Bradford and the staff look back at one of the more influential MMORPGs on the market to date: Final Fantasy XIV, and more specifically how its story helped to define its place in the MMO world after its rebirth years ago.

Ok, Minas Morgul Is Actually Really Sick

I've had an interesting love/hate relationship with the latest Lord of the Rings Online expansion. I'm really finding that the story telling in LotRO is feeling aged, and the constant fetch quests are grinding on me. However, the way the team has designed the titular settlement in the expansion has me excited to explore even more once again.

Red's Seven Games for 2020

Red Thomas discusses seven games he’ll be watching in 2020. Will it be a good year for RPG fans, or will we be facing a year of slim pickings? Red outlines his thoughts on several upcoming games and gives specific nods to those he feels will have the largest impact on the future of gaming.