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Celebrate Gondorian New Years In The Lord of the Rings Online

March 25th holds special significance in Tolkien's sub-universe, as it's the date the Ring was destroyed and Sauron defeated utterly. So why not explore some of the world of Tolkiens World?

Bless Unleashed Review In Progress Part 2

In our second part of our review in progress for Bless Unleashed, Bradford finds himself exploring the story more, dabbling with an alt, as well as taking on the marketplace.

World of Warcraft: A Retrospective On Battle for Azeroth

Robin is taking a look back at World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Battle For Azeroth, as we gear up - literally - for the upcoming Shadowlands expansion.

Should You Play Phantasy Star Online 2?

Phantasy Star Online 2 has now entered open beta on Xbox One, but is the 8-year old MMO worth starting up? Steven explores this in his latest editorial.

Bless Unleashed Review In Progress - Initial Thoughts On The MMO

Out of the ashes of Bless Online, Bless Unleashed has...unleashed...on Xbox One. How does it stack up in the early hours?

OPINION: The Division 2 Is The Looter Shooter For Me

After a year hiatus, I’ve returned to The Division 2. Now, I should note that my buddy and I returned to the looter shooter before Coronavirus really spread in the US, but there is something nevertheless cathartic about playing a game, which is based on rebuilding society after a global pandemic, during an actual pandemic. But that’s beside the point. I’m here to share my thoughts on just why I’m loving my return to DC.

PAX's Final Fantasy VII REMAKE Demo Paled In Comparison To The Release Demo

Jonathan is finishing up his coverage of PAX East, and one game in particular stuck out as an interesting experience: Final Fantasy VII REMAKE.

As New World Looms, Is There Enough Time To Iron Out The Bugs?

Brian a while back had a chance to check out Amazon's New World, and while he came away impressed, he still has questions. Namely - will some of the major bugs he noticed during the Alpha be ironed out before Amazon's launch?

Cross Play - Checking Out Black Desert's Latest Feature

Black Desert recently launched its cross play feature, giving console players the ability to join each other and quest regardless of platform. How easy is it to join your console friends, however?

[RETRACTION] OPINION: Saga of Lucimia Creative Director's View of Crunch is Out of Touch

We have retracted this story and vehemently apologize to the Tim and the team over at Stormhaven Studios for any damage this piece might have caused.

Call of Duty Warzone Is Actually Fun

I’ve played a couple hours of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s take on battle royale, dubbed Warzone, which released this past Tuesday. My experience has been a mix of fun interspersed with some quality of life frustrations.

Bless Online vs Bless Unleashed - It's A Bless Off

Steven takes a look at the recently soft-launched Bless Unleashed on Xbox One, providing a comparison to the now defunct Bless Online.

Massive, Online, and Divided

Red Thomas explores the state of MMOs and the seeming divide between what he likes and what some of the younger gamers seem to like. Are the Millennials ruining our games? Red walks through a few things he’s noticed while online with a few younger gamers and what differences might be there.

Turn and Face the Strange in World of Warcraft

This past week we’ve seen some interesting updates to 8.3 and, in particular, to how the Horrific Visions of Orgrimmar/Stormwind work. However, the choices made in some of these changes are a bit frustrating in certain respects.

MMORPGs Are Thriving, And Other Problems

Money talks. Throughout the history of the modern MMORPG, we have seen massive transitions, from how and where MMORPGs are being played, to how MMORPGs are being funded. Two decades ago, as we sat on the cusp of the MMO revolution, had we foreseen where MMOs would end up today, could we have stopped it? Would we have wanted to? The MMO scene is more popular and more diverse than it has ever been, if you know where to look, and yet, so many gamers sit idly by, arms crossed, brows furrowed, waitin