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Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is Everything I've Ever Wanted from the Series

The second Japanese closed beta test for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis came to a close over the weekend. I was lucky enough to get a few hours in Halpha with one of my favorite classes. With everything that I knew about New Genesis going into the closed beta, it still surprised me when PSO2:NGS exceeded my expectations. 

Warhammer: Odyssey Full Impressions - How Does It Hold Up A Month Later

Kevin checked out the recent mobile MMO to launch this past month, Warhammer Odyssey. Billed as a true MMORPG on mobile, Kevin put this to the test to find out if it truly was more MMO than typical mobile fare.

Fallout 76 - Everything Worth Knowing from the Latest AMA

Yesterday, Fallout 76 released their 2021 roadmap, complete with exciting features and additions like 4-Star weapons and armor, craftable Legendary Items and some upcoming changes to Private Servers. Today, Project Lead Jeff Gardiner and Design Director Mark Tucker took to the Fallout 76 subreddit to answer some questions. We've compiled their answers, and weeded out what's important for a streamlined experience.

Black Desert Online's New Sage Class Might Just Be My New Favorite

Bradford has been playing a Lahn in Black Desert since it came out, dabbling in other classes a bit along the way. With the release of the Sage class last week, he checked out the new caster type character and has actually come away with some surprising thoughts.

Does Hawkeye Save Marvel's Avengers? The Future's Imperfect

Crystal Dynamics finally released the long awaited, and modestly anticipated character, Hawkeye, in Marvel's Avengers last week. Hawkeye has flash and sizzle, but the update puts Crystal Dynamics in a precarious situation. One that even a roadmap can't cure.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Pirate Incursion Recurring Event Impressions

Recurring events are a mainstay in MMORPGs. SWTOR just recently ended its Pirate Incursion event, and while going through it, Scott got to thinking: are these events more fun, or simply a daily chore?

Playing EVE Online In A Browser Window Is Really Cool - When It Works

Earlier this week EVE Online announced that the long-running space MMO was going to be playable in a browser window, bringing the game to players in a new way. While still in Beta, I checked out the experience this week and came away pretty impressed, at least when it worked.

Opinion: Gamigo Has a RIFT Problem

Gamigo has a RIFT problem, and right now the way it's publicly handling that problem doesn't seem to be alleviating fan fears about the MMORPG's future.

Getting That First EVE Online PvP Kill Can Be Invigorating

Over the weekend, EVE Online corporations A Band Apart and Stay Frosty hosted their 7th annual Frigate Free-For-All, giving players old and new alike the chance to unwind and shoot internet spaceships without the stressors of PvP in EVE Online. And even without the stressors normally involved in EVE combat, the experience was invigorating.

Best Mobile MMOs To Try In 2021

There is an eclectic selection of MMORPGs available for mobile devices, and new MMOs seem to come out nearly every month for iOS and Android. Unfortunately, new MMOs are much more rare for PC. So what are the best mobile MMORPGs that you can play on the go while you wait for the next big MMO to come out?

Valheim's Smartest Design Choice Isn't The Survival Elements, It's The Portals

After almost 100 hours in Vaheim, Bradford is reflecting on some of the things he's loved when exploring the 10th world of Yggdrasil. However, the design decision that really keeps him coming back isn't the lax survival elements or the onion layers of complexity in the Viking game. It's the portals.

Warhammer: Odyssey is an Authentic Mobile MMORPG - Is That Enough in 2021?

In the echo chamber of repetitive, sleep-inducing, auto-play mobile games, Warhammer: Odyssey (W:O) takes a mild departure into the mobile realm as an authentic, traditional MMORPG experience.  With success all but guaranteed, W:O stops short of one major victory, convincing PC MMORPG players that mobile is the genres savior.

Opinion: Launch Hype - Looking At Consumers And Developers Alike

Mitch explores launch hype, especially as it pertains to himself and other consumers of games, and the role played by consumers in mitigating hype in the long run.

The Games Media's Role In Combating Hype

Bradford looks at pre-release hype and our role as games media in combating it, especially here at MMORPG.com.

Valheim's Deathsquitoes Are The Literal Worst

On our journeys around Valheim's world, we've encountered scary beasts, such as the wretched Draugr in the swamp, or the Goblin-like Furlings in the Plains. But nothing could have prepared my group of Vikings for what is becoming Valheim's deadliest denizen: the Deathsquito.