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Column #2: The Present

As he will every Monday, Nathan Knaack returns with his column. This is part two of a three part series he began last week.

Debate: Crafting

Garrett and Frank debate the merits of crafting in MMORPGs.

Column #1: The Past

Nathan Knaack brings an insiders perspective in a new weekly column called Outside the Box. We begin with a look back at MMORPG history.

Debate: Class vs. Skill Systems

Garrett and Frank return to debate the merits of class and skill systems.

Editorial: Dr. Stalegame

(or how I learned to stop worrying and love the MMOs)

Debate: Major IPs as MMORPGs

Lord of the Rings Online. Star Wars: Galaxies. Star Trek Online. Major IPs are everywhere in this genre. Should they be?

Debate: Instancing

How does PvE instancing impact the community? Garrett and Frank are back to debate the issue.

Debate: MMORPG Death Penalties

Frank Mignone and Garrett Fuller debate MMORPG death penalties in this first of a weekly series. Where do you stand?

The Burning Crusade: What Will You Do?

Garrett Fuller considers the future of World of WarCraft in light of their recent expansion announcement.

The Future of Online Gaming

Adverisments have made their first inroads into online games. Are they here to stay? Quite probably. The question is: in what form?

MMORPG Comic Wars

Marvel vs. DC vs. NCSoft. Andree Ehrig looks at the impending battle between these three titans.

Editorial: Factions

Garrett Fuller returns with a new article in which he examines factions in World of WarCraft.

Do Graphics Make a Game?

Andree Ehrig submits a guest editorial to MMORPG.com where he examines what graphics mean to games.

Fixing The Game: Whether You Like It or Not!

In light of the recent changes to Star Wars Galaxies that fundamentally alter the product, Dana Massey looks at the ethics of changing a game midstream.

Casual vs. Hardcore Players

In this editorial look at World of WarCraft, Garrett Fuller examines the divide between casual and hardcore players.