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Is There An MMO You Wish You Played Before It Was Shut Down?

Over the course of the past two decades, many MMORPGs have come and gone. However, a few stick out as must plays for the genre, at least in the community. Unfortunately, not everyone has been able to play every major game to grace the annals of the MMORPG genre, especially those games that have shut down over the years. Is there an MMO you wish you played before it was shut down?

Five Things That Wild Rift Got Right About Fixing League Of Legends

When League of Legends was released in 2009, it was relatively non-competitive and seemed like a unique idea. However, it wasn't perfect. With the release of Wild Rift, the mobile port of League, Riot has solved some of the more pressing issues with the MOBA. Here are five of them.

OPINION: Amazon's Lord of the Rings MMO Canceling Isn't Surprising, But It Does Make Me Wonder What Could Have Been

Amazon and Leyou canceling their upcoming Lord of the Rings MMORPG is unsurprising, but it is a bit depressing. However, it does make Bradford wonder what could have been, from both a pure MMO standpoint and as a die-hard Lord of the Rings fan.

Final Fantasy 14 Patch 5.5: Death Unto Dawn Spoiler-Free Day One Review

While the final lead-up to Endwalker builds up, the side content shines in the latest content update for FFXIV.

Outriders' Endgame Community is Toxic, But It's Not Their Fault

Over the past two weeks, Outriders has become a hot topic for several reasons. Recently, players have been complaining about getting kicked from groups due to their class or build in endgame. According to some, this has created a toxic community. There is truth to that, but to be fair, it's not the community's fault.

Diablo II Resurrected Technical Alpha: Impressions From A Diablo Noob

Bradford has never played a Diablo game before. Yes, we know. How does the experience hold up, and how does it fare for someone who has played games inspired by Diablo, but never Diablo itself?

Is There A Game You Go Back To When You're Burnt Out On Your Current One?

Last week, Jonathan talked about being burnt out in EverQuest II in his latest Norrathian Stride column. It got Bradford thinking: when he gets burnt out on the genre or a game in general, he has a go-to that is always installed. Do you have a go-to game or genre when you feel burnt out on an MMO?

EVE Anywhere Is Ruining My Productivity

Ever since Bradford could start playing EVE Online in a browser window, he's been even more hooked on the MMO - probably with worrying results.

MMOSide Chat - Do You Like Fast Travel In MMOs?

As Bradford played EVE Online this past weekend, one thing that he just could not stop thinking about is how much gametime is spent going from one place to another. As such, he started thinking about fast travel in MMOs, and how much he missed it in this one. Are you someone who likes fast travel systems, or do you feel that it makes MMOs too easy?

Catching Up With Hearthstone - Checking Out The Latest Forged In The Barrens Expansion

With the arrival of the newest Hearthstone expansion, Forged in the Barrens, Blizzard appears to be making motions to account for nearly six years of content and a model that demands hundreds of dollars. The expansion's arrival is also the start of the newest cycle of cards, known as the Year of the Gryphon.

EverQuest Still Wants You in Its World After 22  Years

EverQuest pioneered the 3D massively multiplayer online roleplaying game. For many people, it would forever change how we would interact with games and people online. Even after 22 years players are flocking towards the venerable world of Norrath to discover long lost friends and adventures. Michael was surprised at how much he felt the draw to get back into the MMO recently.

April Fools' Day Round-Up - How The Games Industry Is Celebrating Today

April Fools' Day is always a celebration with the gaming industry, and today has been no different. Here's how some of the major names in the industry have been celebrating and getting in on the joke today.

So Kingdom Hearts On PC Seems To Be A Semi-Decent Port

Kingdom Hearts finally hit PC yesterday after 19 years as a console exclusive, and much of the question surrounding the zipper-fueled Disney/Final Fantasy cross over is how good the PC port was. Well, we checked out it out yesterday and the results were...semi-decent?

MMOSide Chat: What Are Some MMO Activities You Do To 'Unwind?'

Let's face it: Life is hard. Sometimes we need that place we all can just relax and unwind from real life. Some of us find that piece of zen in books, art, or music. However, gaming has often been touted by many as a way to simply unplug from the stress of real life an unwind for a bit.

Magic: Legends Impressions - How Does The Magic ARPG Hold Up In The Early Hours?

Magic: Legends launched in Open Beta earlier this week, and with it brings the card game's multiverse to the PC ARPG. We covered how the ARPG itself felt in a preview last week, but now that we have had a chance to go hands on ourselves in a live setting and check out the progression naturally for ourselves, how does the early hours of Cryptic's take on Magic: The Gathering fare?