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My Original Valheim House Was Destroyed And It Made Me More Upset Than I Realized

Over the last week something sad happened on our Valheim server: Bradford's original house was destroyed. At first he played it off, but as the days have gone on, its made him more and more depressed.

Which MMO Expansion Launch Are You Playing Tomorrow?

June 1st marks a day of MMO releases this week, with two of the major games in the genre, World of Warcraft and The Elder Scrolls Online, both releasing expansions into the wild. Which one are you planning on playing if you are at all?

I Undervalued Good Movement In MMOs Until Swords Of Legends Online

When thinking of game mechanics, movement doesn't always come up. Yet it's something Bradford hasn't been able to get out of his head since Swords of Legends Online went into beta last week.

3 Reasons You Should Play Biomutant (And 3 Reasons You Should Skip It)

Now that Biomutant has officially released after multiple delays in development, the long-awaited action-adventure RPG is finally available for those looking for a unique experience. If you've been questioning whether you should take a chance on Biomutant, here's a short list of reasons why you may want to take a chance on the game, and some reasons why you may want to avoid it altogether.

Solasta: Crown of the Magister - Review In Progress

Robin has started her journey in earnest in Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Here are her first thoughts while she works through the full review of this PC RPG.

Dark Age Of Camelot: Teach The PvP You Want To See

Niklas takes a look at PvP in Dark Age of Camelot, specifically the player-run scene in the community and how its 8v8 event took the aging MMO by storm earlier this year.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Review In Progress - Bumpy Landing

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey released on PC last week and we've been trying to explore planets and stations in a whole new way. However, the operative word there is 'trying.'

When Was The Last Time An MMO Trailer Really Got Your Attention?

Trailers come in many forms, from cinematic to gameplay and even accolades trailers meant to promote how well a game is doing. But they serve a purpose: to drum up excitement about a game. Since last Friday, Bradford has been stuck with the FFXIV Endwalker trailer in his head, and he's not sure that's happened for a few years where a trailer left an impression.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Global Beta - The Good and the Bad

When it was first announced, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis had somewhat of a confusing pitch. Despite so many similarities between the nearly 10-year-old PSO2 and the updated New Genesis versions, the game plays, and feels, much more like a sequel than a continuation or expansion.

Catch Up in Caledonia: How Dark Age of Camelot Took Back from the Freeshards

Freeshards have long drawn the population away from the Dark Age of Camelot live servers. Now the venerable MMO is striking back by borrowing from the freeshard's most popular PvP leveling event.

3 Reasons to Play Swords of Legends Online (And 3 Reasons You Might Want to Skip It)

Swords of Legends Online is currently in closed beta, and slated to release later this year in the west. It's not always easy to tell whether a game is for you until you've taken some time to hop in and try it, but here is a short-list of features that may make you excited to play SOLO, or it could convince you to skip it altogether.

MMO Developers: I Need More Developer-Driven, FOMO-Causing RP Events In My MMORPGs, Please.

The last two weeks have seen major story-driven events happen in EVE Online. As someone who doesn't necessarily care about annual events in MMOs, these events have Bradford intrigued for a few reasons: they feel spontaneous, they are story-driven, but most importantly: they are limited to a one-time affair.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta Preview: A Force to be Reckoned With - When It's Ready

Microsoft isn't aiming to be "just another" cloud service. Xbox Cloud Gaming is aiming for the top, but does it have what it takes to get there?

Guild Wars 2's Icebrood Saga Finale Provides an Epic Conclusion

It's been 18 months since Guild Wars 2's Icebrood Saga has begun, and now, the climactic conclusion of more than a year of cataclysmic dragon-based danger is finally here. Does The Icebrood Saga: Judgement deliver as the climax of the war against the Elder Dragons?

In-Game MMO Events Still Do Not Interest Me Like I Wish They Would

MMO in-game events are one major way to drum up community interaction as well as make things interesting every few months. Events themselves can come and go at predictable times, mostly repeating themselves year over year. And Bradford has never really been able to get into them.