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EVE Echoes Review In Progress - Blast Off Into New Eden

EVE Echoes is finally live, and we got an opportunity to explore the void between stars a few days ahead of the rest of you capsuleers and these are our impressions of EVE Echoes.

MMO Wish-list: 3 Sci-Fi Universes That Need The Full MMORPG Treatment

We have quite a few of our favorite sci-fi franchises that have already received the MMORPG treatment: SWTOR, Star Trek Online to name a few. However, there is still room for more. While we've seen studios dabble in other franchises, such as Stargate, we've not really had a major franchise get the full MMO treatment since the previously listed two on the market right now. Here are a few I'd love to see finally get their due in the MMO world.

Risk Versus Reward: Resource Gathering In MMORPGs

Resource gathering is something that will always be hit or miss for an MMO player - some people love the grind while others are content to just buy the wares off an auction house from someone else. Ben breaks down the risk versus reward in resource gathering in MMORPGs.

World of Warcraft - Robins Take on Restarting in Shadowlands Beta

Robin outlines the past week and moving forward, as Blizzard initiated the first character wipe since Alpha started back on April 9th. Join her as she talks about what the wipe may mean and her take on the ongoing tests.

FFXIV And The Joys Of Having Everything On One Character

Leif was never really an alt person in MMORPGs, at least until Final Fantasy XIV sunk its teeth into him. Find out what helped change his approach to leveling alts.

Does Wurm Online's New Player Experience Hold Up?

Wurm Online is a Sandbox MMO developed by Code Club AB, which re-released on Steam July 24th, with a new player tutorial and UI improvements. While the new player experience is simple and easy to follow, it still leaves much to be desired. But is this game "the ultimate sandbox MMORPG" for new players in 2020... well, yes and no, read on to find out more.

A Journey Through Star Wars: The Old Republic

Two weeks ago, after completing my first Star Wars: The Old Republic column, I was a bit anxious about its next instalment. But just like that and out of the blue, they released the game on Steam.

Top 5 Ways The Elder Scrolls Online Could Vastly Improve Its Gameplay

The Elder Scrolls Online has been a mainstay in the MMORPG world for six year now, but there comes a point where it can feel a bit too stagnant. Here are five ways we think that ZeniMax could spruce up the gameplay in ESO.

Guild Wars 2 - Jormag Rising Impressions

Today marks the release of Guild Wars 2's fourth episode of the Icebrood Saga, Jormag Rising, which expands Drizzlewood Coast, and adds some new, dangerous events. Drizzlewood Coast was originally released with the third episodes release, No Quarter, which introduced the premise of siege warfare, which previously only resided in WvWvW, to a PvE map. In Jormag Rising, ArenaNet doubles down on that premise.

The Lich King: World of Warcraft's Perfect Ice-Cold Contender

Join Steve as he breaks down why he thinks the Lich King in Warcraft's lore is one of the greatest MMORPG villans of all time, and a perfect one for the Warcraft universe.

Opinion: EverQuest Truly Is My Greatest MMORPG Of All Time

Jonathan breaks down why he feels EverQuest is the original GOAT of MMORPGs, at least for him.

Red's Read on TemTem

Red Thomas tries to catch 'em all in Temtem. Interested in throwing things at random monsters in order to add them to your personal zoological collection or in pitting your own trained creatures against vicious beasts in the wild? Well, Temtem could be for you and Red gives his thoughts on his own experiences in the game to help you make your decision.

MMOSide Chat: Standing Stone Games' Lack Of Communication During Downtime Is Unacceptable

For the past week many Lord of the Rings Online players have been unable to log into their game as downtime goes into its eighth day. Curiuosly, and upsettingly, Standing Stone Games has relayed little to no info as to exactly what's going on, which is unacceptable.

Not So MMO: Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris Impressions

Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris has its share of flaws, it's not a perfect game.I find that it's a rather generic RPG, with a nice paint job portraying it as Sword Art Online. It has the potential to be the perfect Sword Art Online game, if only Bandai Namco steps up to the plate and addresses some much-needed attention to certain aspects of the game.

4 Classic MMOs You can Play On Mobile

Many MMO players can trace their roots back to the early days of browser and F2P MMOs, such as Runescape. While modern MMOs have become the norm, many like to jump back into those old games for the nostalgia. Thankfully, mobile devices and ports have made this easier than ever.