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Opinion: Gamigo Has a RIFT Problem

Will RIFT Stay Or Will RIFT Go?

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Gamigo has a RIFT problem. From the outside, it doesn’t feel like the MMO publisher seems to know what to do with the long-running MMORPG. Refuting the recent report of widespread layoffs really doesn’t give players confidence for the future of the MMO.

As we reported yesterday, RIFT was hit with a number of layoffs per a report by our friends over at MassivelyOP. We reached out to Gamigo for comment, and the one supplied does little to assuage fears that RIFT itself is on the chopping block just weeks after Gamigo purged a few MMOs from their line-up.

It’s telling that Gamigo’s comment in response to a report about RIFT layoffs doesn’t actually mention RIFT by name.  It instead tells players to look forward to new content in TROVE as well as ArcheAge. Granted, part of our request for comment asked how the reported layoffs would affect those games as well. But it’s still telling that instead of assuaging fears of those players still loyal to RIFT, the comment doesn’t seem to answer the fundamental question of the MMO’s future.

A few weeks ago when Defiance and other MMOs at Gamigo were announced to be closing, one of the things Gamigo did was direct those players to its other titles, but not to RIFT. Instead, players were encouraged to check out ArcheAge or TROVE. Naturally, this is going to lead to some speculation about the MMO and its future, especially against the backdrop of Gamigo purging its roster of older MMORPGs.

It’s a shame, too, especially as the official forums thread discussing this very topic was closed by a Gamigo staffer after commenting that RIFT would not be shuttering. It doesn’t allow for the community to continue to voice their very legitimate concerns that the MMO they’ve sunk time and money into would be next in line for closures.

The statement from PR does nothing to put those fears at ease. The statement crucially doesn’t say that layoffs didn’t happen, rather that the reports of widespread layoffs, as well as the shift of development from the US to Europe, weren’t happening. It states that Gamigo is, “always looking to grow,” their audience and announces that, “numerous new titles,” are in the pipeline for this year. But RIFT’s future, the crux of the issue which prompted the question, went crucially unanswered.

Naturally, this leaves as much doubt about the MMO and the way Gamigo are handling its future. Instead, Gamigo’s statement seems to have poured more fuel on the fire of what exactly is going on with the MMORPG long-term. By addressing it head-on, the company could put out a clear picture of the MMO’s path forward, and how it sees the game long-term.

However, by not actually addressing the MMO by name, and instead  simply refuting parts of the original report, it leaves a lot of doubt about RIFT’s overall fate.

We reached out for clarification and comment on RIFT’s future. As of this writing, we’ve not heard back from Gamigo. If they choose to respond, we’ll be sure to update this article with their statement.

As of now, the real feeling around RIFT is that it’s barely on life support, simply  existing as a way to scoop up money via its Battle Pass system, as well as host in-game sales every once in a while. RIFT recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary.  Celebrated probably isn’t the right word to use here, as there was essentially no official mention of it  on Twitter nor website. That does not bode well for a game supposedly part of Gamigo’s long-term vision.

This perception could have been avoided if Gamigo just got out in front of the situation and stated what their intention is with RIFT. Is it going to be shuttered? If so, tell your loyal fans who have stuck by RIFT for years. If it’s not, what plans are there to make sure it enters its next 10 years with new content, exciting updates, and more? In other words, what is your plan for RIFT, a game into which players have invested real time and money?

As of right now, we can only speculate. Gamigo’s statement yesterday does nothing to abate fears that it, too, will send RIFT to the executioner’s block really soon.


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