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MMOSide Chat - How Often Do You Do Daily Quests In Your Go-To MMO

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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One of the activities I struggle to feel motivated to do in any MMO are daily quests. It’s not so much that I dislike dailies, rather some of these quick-fire quests and tasks can be done rather swiftly and give some decent rewards. Instead, it’s moreso that I find it hard to feel motivated to get into a routine in order to do them every day.

Oftentimes dailies feel like an afterthought to me – just one more thing to add to my seemingly-never ending pile of stuff to do in my quest journal. And on the surface that feels okay – “There is always something to do,” I find myself saying when thinking about them. Depending on the game too, these quests are repeatable versions of the same thing, repeatedly. In The Elder Scrolls Online’s latest chapter, Greymoor, you can be tasked with disrupting the various Harrowstorms that plague Western Skyrim. The Lord of the Rings Online sees players doing a task board, content to gather items and turn them in daily for quick boons – especially if you’re like me and just have the items hanging around from normal questing. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands provides daily Covenant Callings to level up your renown with your choosing Covenant. As I said – there is always something to do.

However, when I log in, I find my mind wandering, wanting to do more than just the same things over and over again. I find myself exploring more than actually accomplishing something, going here and there to discover what I can about a new area or complete a longer quest I’ve never done before. This is also why I find it hard to level alt characters too - I'd rather just hop on one toon and accomplish something there, instead of do the same thing again and again.

Sometimes I’ll take a break and complete a task or world event, heading to the same NPC I’ve visited many times before to grab the same quest I’ve done countless times over the last few weeks. But I find myself less motivated to do these dailies than I do to just seek out more story where it is to be had.

So what about you – how often do you actually sit down to play your go-to MMO and the first thing on your list are daily quests? Do you like these types of quests? Do you feel they can give some direction to your game session, or do you find yourself like me, unmotivated to do them often, but still will accomplish some occasionally? Let us know in the comments below.


Joseph Bradford

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