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MMOSide Chat: Happy Thanksgiving - What Are You Playing This Holiday?

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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For us in the United States (and really anyone who wants an excuse to eat tons of food), today is Thanksgiving Day. Though, it goes without saying that this year is going to be very different than many of us are used to. So how are you celebrating, and if you're gaming, what are you diving into today?

For me, it's actually going to feel like a rather normal Thanksgiving day. All of my family live here in Las Vegas, so while Covid-19 restrictions have been eased we've been getting together once a week for Magic: the Gathering. Today is going to be no different, though our normal Thanksgiving gathering will be smaller than the usual 20 or so people that come around my parents house.

We'll have turkey (multiples in fact), dressing, salads, homemade cranberry sauce, mac and cheese, homemade yeast rolls - the works. But while everything is cooking, I'll likely find myself in the garage with my dad and brother, nephew, roommate and daughter playing that mythical 2020 game: paper Magic.

We actually play once a week, hosting our own little Friday Night Magic, but whenever we're together we make sure we have cards to pass the time. 

I'll also have my laptop with me to show my 7-year old nephew EVE Online again. Last time I did I got my Machariel blown out of the sky, so I'm hoping to not meet a similar fate this time around. Shadowlands is also installed, so if the post-Turkey bliss falls upon my family, I might sneak away to continue my adventure through World of Warcraft's latest expansion.

How are you celebrating, if you are, today? Are you getting any gaming in, and if so, what are your plans? Even if you're not celebrating US Thanksgiving on this fine Thursday, what are your gaming plans for the night - and really weekend? Let us know in the comments - and Happy Thanksgiving! 


Joseph Bradford

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