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MMO Wish-list: 3 Sci-Fi Universes That Need The Full MMORPG Treatment

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Joseph Bradford Posted:
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We have quite a few of our favorite sci-fi franchises that have already received the MMORPG treatment: SWTOR, Star Trek Online to name a few. However, there is still room for more. While we’ve seen studios dabble in other franchises, such as Stargate, we’ve not really had a major franchise get the full MMO treatment since the previously listed two on the market right now. Here are a few I’d love to see finally get their due in the MMO world.

Babylon 5

This is one that’s near and dear to my heart. I grew up watching episode upon episode of Bablyon 5 with my dad when it aired on the TV in the 90s. I can still hear Kosh’s hissing voice in my head when ever someone says “and so it begins.” Babylon 5 might not have the most robust sci-fi universe of some of the other franchises, but it does have enough to create a compelling MMO if someone were to really try. It could be set during the years of the show, especially during the Shadow War, or if the team wanted to really play with it, we could see the game picking up during the Earth-Minbari conflict that defined the mood of the series.

Babylon 5 Shadow War

Could we see iconic characters such as Captain Sheridan or the Alpha Centauri diplomat Londo Mollari as potential quest givers/characters in the game? How would PvP work as many of the races in the series are at something of a peace during the show’s run? Could the developers allow for player made factions and warfare like what we see in EVE Online? With the entire Milky Way galaxy at our fingertips, as well as other factions in B5 such as Psi corps, rebellions on Earth-controlled worlds, and even the conflict at home that defines a large part of the series, there’s a lot to play with here. Keep in mind too if you’ve seen the show, Babylon 5 was a station meant for peace talks between races – could we see the hypothetical team play with diplomacy mechanics as well? There’s a lot that could be done – it’s only a matter of whether someone truly will or not.

Battlestar Galactica

Yea, I know, we’ve technically had a BSG MMO before in Battlestar Galactica Online, which was sunset last year. The browser based MMO was based on the reimagined 2004 series, but what I’m looking for is a game that takes the universe of Battlestar and puts players right in the middle of the action with a modern engine and mechanics.

Battlestar Galactica Online

Give players the choice to play as one of the Twelve Tribes of Kobol or take the form of a Cylon. A clear PvP path is open to the developers this way as the Cylons and refugees struggle to make it to Earth. Creative liberties might have to be taken with the Cylons – we know there are 13 total Cylon models when you count the Final Five, but one of the great things in MMOs is creating your own personal avatar. Do we stick to the series models only, or allow players to create their own Cylons? Tests for new lines maybe?

How would the questing in a hypothetical Battlestar Galactica MMORPG work? Since so much of the series takes place aboard the Galactica, how would that work for compelling questing for players who side with the Twelve Tribes? Could the Galactica serve as a hub for recon players, would players be able to fly CAP with the likes of Apollo and Kara to fend off player led Cylon raids? Could we see players who survived the initial attacks on the colonies join Anders and his resistance? There is a lot we could see a hypothetical developer play with here, and I’d love to see a great sci-fi franchise get more than the browser treatment.


This is a universe that has seen its fair share of MMO attempts. Stargate Worlds could have been rather interesting if it ever truly got off the ground. The universe of Stargate is ripe for the MMORPG pickings. With countless races, worlds, and more to explore, Stargate could see players freeing worlds from Goa’uld oppression, leading their own factions of Jaffa resistance fighters, or even taking sides with the Goa-uld and raising to lead their own player run factions as a System Lord.

Given that much of the Stargate universe has been fleshed out beyond the initial movies in SG-1, Atlantis and even the short-lived Stargate Universe, we could see another MMO take the route of giving players much to explore – and the tools to make system exploration and first contact with other races a compelling player track. As someone who has watched the series and movies repeatedly, I would love the chance to travel to Abydos, take on Apophis, travel to Atlantis and more.

These are just a few franchises I would love to see full, modern MMOs for – what are some of your most wanted franchises you’d love to see get the MMO treatment?



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