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Mirror, Mirror

Vanessa Mythdust Posted:
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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's been wanting a makeover most of all? While I'm happy with my wizard's current features, most Wizard101 players welcomed the new Magic Mirror Shop that was included in the 2018 summer update. The shop, located in the Wizard City Shopping District, allows customers to change their hair, hair color, face, eye color, and skin tone.

The establishment is run by a Magic Mirror, and the entire store is decorated with ... other wizards? Mannequins? Creepy reflections? I'm not really sure what they are to be honest. All I know is, it reminds me of a wax museum and I wouldn't want to be trapped there alone at night. Just imagine minding your own business when all of a sudden you catch a glimpse of some floating head staring at you. Fake or not, that'd make me a bit uneasy. Speaking of weird and slightly creepy, the Magic Mirror isn't actually much of a mirror at all. When you look into it, you can't see your reflection. I always knew I was secretly a vampire.

Although the Magic Mirror doesn't function as a normal mirror, it does supply an opportunity for players to change their look. While the basic tutorial customization options are still available, KingsIsle has also added a few new alternatives to choose from. Most notably, players can now show off rainbow hair and/or glasses.

Taking a cue from Pirate101, the Magic Mirror also introduced face paint into Wizard101. Possible designs include all of the school symbols, stars, hearts, and cat whiskers. Once a decision is made, the paint will appear on each cheek. You can always "wipe off" the face paint for free if you ever change your mind.

If you're interested in applying face paint or another cosmetic change, walk up to the Magic Mirror and browse all the available options. You'll be able to rotate your character 360 degrees to see how exactly your new selections will look before you commit. If you're happy with the results, push "Buy Makeover" and voila! Do note that the cost of the makeover will vary based on how many things you're changing and what you're changing them to.

Players have been asking for a feature like this since the game launched. I'm happy to see that KingsIsle finally delivered. Potential looks and face paint can also be expanded upon in future updates. In the meantime, will you be giving the Magic Mirror a visit?


Vanessa Mythdust