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Marvel Future Revolution: 10 Tips You Need to Know Before the Global Launch

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There’s no denying that Marvel fans have been looking forward to the open-world mobile game, Marvel Future Revolution (MFR), since it was announced back in 2020. Shortly after an information overload from the Marvel Press Tour last week, Netmarble ended up soft-launching Marvel Future Revolution on Android for Canadian residents only. After grinding my way close to max level over several days, here’s 10 helpful tips that you should know if you’re thinking about playing MFR when it launches globally later this year.

 Whether you’re hoping to supplement your play time from another Marvel mobile game, like Marvel Strike Force, or you were looking for that Marvel Heroes replacement, here are ten things you should know before diving into Marvel Future Revolution.

Marvel Future Revolution Provides a (Mobile) MMO Feel

It seems that mobile MMORPG’s are getting more popular these days. If you’ve played a mobile MMORPG such as Black Desert Mobile or Lineage 2 Revolution, then Marvel Future Revolution should feel very similar in nature. There are complex upgrade systems to enhance your costumes, badge cores (more on that later), Omega Cards, and eventually your specializations. Auto-play is available early on, and will likely be how you interact with enemies for much of the early game.

Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to meet and hang out with other players. Omega Flight Headquarters is a general hub where you’ll see dozens of players getting ready for their adventure. Out in the open-world, you’ll need to team up against world-bosses, or join one of many instanced multiplayer alternatives like Raids, Blitz’s, Special Operations, or PvP matches in the Arena. You can mostly solo your way through the majority of the game, but at no time will you ever feel alone.

Get Ready to Level Multiple Characters to Raise Your Squad Rank

In Marvel Future Revolution Squad Rank is very important. Your Squad Rank is essentially an overarching bonus that applies to all of your characters. As you level up and complete specific tasks, your Squad Rank will also increase. As great as that sounds, Squad Rank will also limit how fast you can level. As you progress through the main story, you’ll be subject to Squad Rank requirements, which you can fulfill by fully completing your Activity Log (which is found under Records), leveling up characters, or by using Squad XP consumables.

When you hit a Squad Rank wall, if you don’t wish to purchase XP consumables, you can simply swap to another character, and begin to level them up, which will easily bridge the gap you need to continue along with your story. You can continue to earn Squad Ranks on any character you play. You only need to break through these Squad Rank walls once on a single character, and then every character thereafter will be free to level as far as you wish to take them. Be mindful of this, so that you don’t find yourself scratching your head on how to progress.

Don’t Be Fooled into Purchasing Bag Space Right Away

One easy way for games get you to spend, is to limit the amount of bag space you have, while incessantly throwing dozens of materials at you. At first, you may think that Marvel Future Revolution is a game like that, as you’ll quickly accrue costume pieces, badges (think gear), and an overwhelming amount of crafting materials. MFR shows you very early on how to dismantle many of these items for gold and other crafting materials, but you’ll come to find you can’t dismantle most of the collectibles you receive, which eventually consumes your bag space, and makes it increasingly difficult to obtain new items.

Your first instinct might be to purchase more bag space, or break down some of the gear you’ve come across, but you don’t need to do that. Under the Squad tab, you’ll also find a Storage tab, which will allow you to store all of these materials or gear pieces that you aren’t ready to part with. An added bonus, is that, once in storage, you can share all of those items with the other characters you create, which will make it much easier to power them up and level them, when you’re ready to.

Don’t Overspend for Abilities You Won’t Use

Marvel Future Revolution loves to pester you with red indicator dots when you can upgrade your gear, enhance your Squad Rank, level up your skills, or even when you’ve earned a new title. These nagging indicators will stay there until you’ve completed whatever task it believes you need to do. The problem with doing as you’re told, is that following these little indicator lights can get very expensive as you level. When it comes to skills, you’ll need to spend gold to level up the skills you plan to use, and eventually, you’ll be able to unlock variants of that skill, which can cost a hefty sum of gold.

Due to just about every resource requiring you spend some gold, it’s ill-advised to let this little notification get the better of you. These issues get compounded when you take into consideration that you use the same gold pool for all of your characters. You don’t need to own each skill variant to see what it does, nor are you required to keep every ability in your arsenal combat ready across all of your characters. Once you’ve chosen your hero and you have all of your abilities unlocked, dive into each of them and see which ones you’d like to focus on. Only spend your hard-earned gold on what you plan to use, or you may end up running yourself into the poorhouse.

You Can Auto-Play Just About Everything, But Don’t

The set it and forget it mentality of mobile games is often considered a detriment to this particular type of MMO. Wonky touch pad controls, soft dodge mechanics, and poor targeting systems often make it difficult to really feel like taking full control will do anything better than the AI system can do. For a good portion of the early game for Marvel Future Revolution, you’re right. The early game is littered with busy-quests, most of which you probably won’t remember, with enemies that are little more than an afterthought. As you progress, you’ll eventually hit a threshold where bosses from the Story Mode, like Ultron or Yellowjacket, will require that you actually pay attention, or you’ll end up failing multiple times.

Later, when your characters get introduced to world such as Midgardia, you’ll find yourself in situations where you can’t take your eyes off your character, or else you’ll end up eating dirt on a consistent basis. Whether you're playing in Arena's like the Omega War or a Dimensional Duel, or if you're running Raids, at the high levels, Auto-Play without supervision is a death sentence, you've been warned.

Make Adventuring Easy, Group Up!

Let’s face it, even when you’re on Auto-Play, monotonous kill quests can be boring. Don’t torture yourself. In Marvel Future Revolution, don’t get stuck killing two dozen enemies by yourself, over and over again, when you can complete the same mission with other players in the area in half the time, utilizing fewer health potions, and hopefully, you’ll make some new friends along the way.

One of the best parts about grouping, is that you’ll get credit for enemies they kill, even if you aren’t next to them. This certainly comes in handy if you can’t quite make it to a Most Wanted boss in time, before they are killed. As long as your group mate threw a punch or two, you’ll still get credit.

Monetization is Front and Center - Spend Wisely

Mobile games and intrusive monetization seem to go hand in hand, but Netmarble truly makes it an art form of sorts. From the moment you load in to Omega Flight Headquarters, and get introduced to all of the subsystems, you'll soon realize, if it's in the game, there's a way to get it faster by buying it. No matter if you're just leveling up your character, or hitting a new Squad Rank, you'll be inundated by time-sensitive deals that urge you to buy them to progress faster. You can choose to roll for new costumes, or you can buy special costume sets directly, like the Avengers Endgame Costume Bundles that run about 45 dollars, and provides a full set of 4-star costume gear. Costumes do increase your stats, but so do Omega Cards, Cores and Battle Badges, all of which you can also purchase through the store.

You'll also notice that there are no healers at this point in Marvel Future Revolution. That means you'll heavily rely on potions to stay alive. Potions can be bought with gold, which you can earn through questing, but gold is heavily used, and you could run dry, especially if you have multiple characters. Fear not, because gold, too, can be purchased with gems, which can be earned in game in limited quantities, otherwise you will need to purchase gems with real money.

If you do decide to purchase anything from the store, my personal suggestion would be to stick with the Play Perks Bundles. They run about 25 to 45 dollars, and provide an ample supply of gems as you level up your character, or your Squad Rank. You can then use those gems later on for items you really want. By far, it is the best value if you plan to spend money in MFR.

You Need to Fight to Find Most Wanted Villains

The open-world in Marvel Future Revolution is crowded with numerous enemies. Some of these enemies are considered “Most Wanted” targets, that drop special loot, such as Omega Cards, consumables, and gold. The problem with Most Wanted targets, is that, they aren’t always around when you’re looking for them, and to get full completion of an area, you’ll need to kill a predetermined amount of a particular target. For example, in the first area, New Stark City, you need to kill Ultron 3 times. Many players in the soft-launch are having trouble finding these enemies, sometimes waiting hours for them to spawn.

The reason they wait so long without a spawn is due to the way in which Most Wanted bosses spawn. In order to get the Primary Target to spawn, you’ll need to kill all targets regularly. You can see when a target spawns by using the map and tapping on the skull tab. Once you’re on the skull tab, you’ll see a variety of areas where targets will spawn, and if one is currently active, it will tell you. Simply tapping on the active target will automatically navigate your character to that area. After you defeat enough enemies, the Prime Target will spawn. Easy as that!

Do You Want to Level Fast? Save the Side Missions for Later

Leveling too fast your first time through in Marvel Future Revolution can be a bad idea. Bosses can be difficult, you’ll likely hit a stopping point if your Squad Rank is too low, and you may run out of consumables and gold if you aren’t careful. However, if you want to level efficiently, and as fast as possible, sticking to the main story missions will grant you far more XP than winding off and completing some side missions. In fact, in most cases a single Epic Quest will reward players with ten times the amount of XP as a side-quest mission does.

This is especially helpful to take note of when you’re leveling alts, but focusing on the main story will usually boost your level beyond the side quests in the area you’re adventuring in anyway, making it far easier to tackle side quest content later on.

You Can Collect and Battle Without Leaving the Map Menu

Saving the Multiverse and leveling up is hard work, and you’ll need all the help you can get. For the most part, every little thing you do, from the side missions, to collecting special chests around the map will earn you rewards. The problem some players have, is that it can get very tedious selecting a collectible, navigating to it, getting out of your menus, interacting with it, again and again. Marvel Future Revolution actually makes completing some of these tasks much easier, all it takes is a little know-how to make it happen. You can keep track of what you need to do from two menus, the Activity Log, and the Map.

The Map will show you where all of the side quests you’ve currently found are, what Most Wanted enemies are active, and if there are any collectibles you haven’t obtained yet. When it comes to collectibles, you can simply tap on the collectible from the map, and watch from the Map view as you navigate and pick up the items without ever leaving the map! That isn’t the only thing you can do without leaving a menu.

On the Activity Log, if you head over to the Villain Log, you’ll see a list of normal villains that you’ll need to kill to obtain a particular reward. As long as you are in the correct area, you’ll also see a “location” button, which will provide a waypoint on your map. Once the waypoint is on your map, tap it and you’ll head directly to the location of that enemy type. After you arrive, you’ll automatically attack your intended targets. Tap the back key so you can keep track of how many enemies you have left to kill. Completing your entire Villain Log without leaving the menu may not be the most exciting thing, but it’s efficient.

BONUS: Soft-Launch Tip

If you’re still itching to get into the game, and you don’t want to wait for the Global Release, you can hop into the soft-launch of Marvel Future Revolution by utilizing a VPN on your android device. You can also utilize an emulator on your PC. Emulators are not officially supported, but many players have found success getting into the game early using emulators such as Bluestacks, Nox, and LDplayer. Soft-launch progress will not be wiped when the game launches, so all of your progress will carry over.


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