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Joe's World... of Warcraft: Keeping the Wow in WoW: Seasonal Questing

Joe Iuliani Posted:
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Joe's World... of Warcraft - Keeping the Wow in WoW: Seasonal Questing

Each week, MMORPG.com writer Joe Iuliani gives us his thoughts on what's going on in WoW. Recently, he's been examining some of the things that keep players entertained in-game even after years of playing. This week, he looks at seasonal questing.

I know most of the readers out there are aware of the seasonal quests, and I know that most folks will think this is beneath MMORPG’s quality of content. With that out of the way, I still think that the seasonal quests deserve special attention.

Amongst the leveling of characters, raiding high level instances and PvPing there are the understated and often times taken for granted seasonal quests. Too many times players are in a rush to level up and get gear that they overlook the content of the game. The seasonal quests in WoW are a testament to Blizzard’s commitment to keeping this game fun. These quests are great for folks who want to just log in for a few and have some fun. The higher you move up in WoW, the more it seems like a part-time job rather than a game. Almost every raid takes well over an hour, and depending on what side and what server you are on an Alterac Valley run takes much longer than that. Most importantly, they can be enjoyed by players of all levels.

The current seasonal quest is Brewfest: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/events/brewfest/

On a side note also watch the movie Beerfest, sure it has nothing to do with WOW, but it’s damn funny, and worth quoting over guild and vent chats. Just that little extra something to both humor and annoy your friends, and let’s face it that’s half the fun of playing.

The level of detail devoted to the seasonal quests is amazing. How many folks really take the time to pay attention to their entirety? Outside of the cities for days before the events, you can see the Brewfest “Gardens” being raised by workers. The work that comes in designing an event may be taken for granted by most folks. There are added NPCs, quests, items, and music involved here, so take the time to turn the sound back on in WOW. It may slow down your game play for a moment, but the Oktoberfest-like sounds are fun to listen to. Ok they are fun for only a few minutes, but give the designers some credit for putting it out there.

Brewfest is worth it for the Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles alone. You have to love the creative way of just saying beer goggles. It brings back those college day memories. If there is a lesson to learn from Brewfest, it’s don’t drink until your friends look good. I’m just glad that Blizzard kept this as a low ticket item, since in my opinion it is the most fun.

To sum it up, Brewfest is just good clean fun. So go hop on a racing ram, grab some booze and have some fun.

Also keep an eye out for Hallow’s End starting in a few days. This year’s Hallow’s End is scheduled to have some surprises coming up this year. So get out there and enjoy.

What are your thoughts on WOW’s Seasonal quests? Get those comments rolling in.


Joe Iuliani