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Is There An MMO Regret You Have In 2021?

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Not finishing Shadowbringers. As I'm currently trying to work through Final Fantasy XIV, being behind on the expansions is making me pretty upset, honestly. As my friends and colleagues all go over Endwalker, I feel completely out of the loop.

I came to Final Fnatasy XIV rather late to the game. I tried it back when A Realm Reborn first came out, but I was so into The Lord of the Rings Online and getting ready for Elder Scrolls Online the next year that I kind of just pushed it aside. 

However, as my friend Leif kept raving about FFXIV, as well as other journalist friends (I vividly remember being at an EVE Online party and the only game on people's lips was Final Fantasy XIV at one point, in fact), I felt the urge to try it again. I've written about this in the past, specifically how I've enjoyed the Red Mage, but there has always been this block to get me through the main narrative, especially when so many other games have called to me. 

Now, because of this, I find myself still working through Shadowbringers while Endwalker takes over. Seeing people I know revel in the culmination of the story arc that is almost a decade in the making, and have it resolve in a way that seems universally satisfying is incredible motivation to get there myself. I only wish I had spent more time this year on that path. 

Other games like Path of ExileLotROESO and even single player RPGs like Yakuza 6 hitting PC took over much of my playtime in 2021. Not that I regret any of my time with these games - I don't. But some part of me always knew that FFXIV loomed in the distance, just waiting for me to come back.

As I am now playing it on PS5, I'm finding some new life in my journey. I'm gearing up for a MSQ dungeon and am thoroughly enjoying my time in it. But I do wonder if I wouuld be having more fun if the FOMO wasn't looming as large as it currently feels. 

What about you? Is there a regret you have in the MMORPG space this year? Didn't complete a game? Didn't get a game that looked good? Maybe it's something else, a decision you've made in game that has affected you in some way? Let us know in the comments below.


Joseph Bradford

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