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Is There An MMO Playstyle You've Struggled To Get Into, But Wanted To Badly?

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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PvP, specifically lowsec, solo pirating in EVE Online. This is the ultimate end goal I have for myself in New Eden despite spending years as a space explorer and High security miner. I've always wanted to roam low and null security space, looking for unsuspecting capsuleers and remind them that New Eden is, after all, a harsh place to live.

The problem is, I'm really bad at PvP. Normally, when I try this endeavor, I'm the one being reminded of what it's like to lose a ship. It's why I'm afraid to undock with my expensive ones now: fear of instantly being a target. Who wouldn't want a killmail for a multi-billion ISK ship?

It's not to say I've never succeeded in PvP, though. In EVE it may have been hard, but in games like The Lord of the Rings Online or even most recently New World, I've found myself with a real knack for taking on other players. But it's not really my goal in those games. With LotRO, I just want to experience the world, the story, and take in the sights. With New World, it was all about discovering what the corruption taking over Aerternum was about - despite bugs and a slow leveling grind getting in the way at every turn.

With EVE Online, though, I've dreamt of being the lowsec tackler, finding a mining operation and ruining it with a few, well-placed webifiers. I want to destroy an Orca and disrupt a competing alliance's ability to arm itself during the next war. I want to decloak and watch as the ship I have on my sights sees a little to late, unable to warp away before my webifier takes hold. 

I'd love to reign destruction down on a ship from 100 KM away with a long-range stealth sniper, leaving the enemy wondering where that came from.

The problem with EVE is that it's expensive to experiment and learn. Every time I undock, I have to be ready to lose what I'm flying. Learning how to pirate, and pirate effectively can get expensive if you keep dying to your enemies. Especially if you don't have the time - or your opponent isn't helpful enough to go through what you did wrong.

But it's an aspirational goal for me. Someday I want to take those stealth, solo piracy skills and work for a great alliance needing front-line infiltrators, scouting ahead and taking out advance ships to make way for my allied fleet. 

Try as I might, though, I just can't "get good." But it's not something that is going to deter me - I'll keep at it till I'm at least able to flip the narrative and pirate properly - even make some ISK along the way.

Is there a playstyle you've always been interested in, but can't seemingly get into for some reason? Let us know in the comments below.


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