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Is There An In-Game Title You Craved In Any MMO?

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Of Nimrodel.

This is the only in-game MMO title that really meant anything to me. Sure, "Founder" and "Leader" were awesome, mainly because it signifies that I founded a Kinship that is almost as old as The Lord of the Rings Online itself, but "Of Nimrodel" holds a special place. It harkens back to a time where my characters and friends played on the Nimrodel server before the great server consolidation which saw us all forcibly moved to Arkenstone. 

Recently I've been using the "Gem Without Measure" as it was an anniversary gift for fourteen years of playing LotRO, but chances are I'll be swapping back to my Nimrodel title here soon.

This wasn't a title I earned through a grind or quest completion, but it is a title I cherish in my favorite MMO. It's interesting when I sit down and think about it: I'm not driven by these titles or in-game event items like many MMORPG players are, but I can't help but be drawn in when friends talk about the work they had to do in order to earn a title. 

In-game titles can signify a lot of achievments. For some it's the the completion of a quest. For others, it's the reward for a massive challenge, such as a world first accomplishment. Maybe you got all your job skills up to a certain level in Final Fantasy XIV, earning you "God of War," or you enjoyed showing off the title you get upon completing the Shadows of Angmar storyline in OG LotRO

For my part, the title I use in Lord of the Rings Online is a bit more personal, but I'm also someone not driven in my MMOs by world events or festivals - though  some events are a lot more enjoyable than others. I just love a good story. And the story of Eruchin on Nimrodel is one I'll cherish in my MMO days forever. 

What is the most significant title you use in an MMO and why? Do titles even matter to you? Let us know in the comments.


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