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FFXIV 5.41 Brings New Housing Items for Diadem Enthusiasts

Emily Byrnes Updated: Posted:
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Diadem enthusiasts rejoice! While most of us have been tucked away in the clouds, running on coffee and title dreams, you might have missed that we have a few extra new housing decoration pieces that snuck in with Final Fantasy XIV's 5.41 update. Most of these pieces are specific to the Ishgard Restoration, as they can be redeemed for Skybuilders’ Scrips, the currency you get from crafting and turning in items for points, or trying your luck with the Kupo of Fortune scratch-off cards.


With the addition of the new “Showcase” item, you can now proudly display all of your adorable plushies and trophies for everyone to see. If you’re a collector of cute, stuffed things, you’ll be thrilled to know that two items on this list fall under that category.


“Those expecting this stuffed creature to start shouting through a voice amplification device and riding a remarkably burly moogle may be disappointed.” A familiar face throughout the Final Fantasy franchise, you can now have a little stuffed Cait Sith of your own to snuggle up to on cold, rainy days.


“How much more stuffed could this be? The answer is none. None more stuffed.” Crafters that participate in the Ishgardian Restoration earn marks on a scratch card. With five marks, they can turn in these tickets for a chance to play the Kupo of Fortune game. To possess this adorable carbuncle, you’ll have to turn in quite a few tickets and pray the RNG gods have mercy on you, kupo.


“Don't get me wrong, I like Carbuncles. I just don't want them on my feet, that's all.” This bemused alchemist may not want Carbuncles on his feet, but I’m sure there are plenty of players out there that are plenty enough excited to add this item to their comfy glamour or bedtime outfit. However, like the Extra-stuffed Carbuncle, you’ll have to try your luck with the Kupo of Fortune scratch cards to obtain them.


“If one wishes to experience the joys of spring, this partition should be just the ticket. Alternatively, one could try stepping outside, assuming that it is currently the correct season.”

Another addition to the list from the Kupo of Fortune, you don’t have to stress about obtaining these as much as the other items. Because of how frequently they drop, the marketboard has been flooded with Spring Meadow Partitions, so if you’re itching to get a few of them try your luck there. While I’ll never complain about having new housing items, I was slightly disappointed with this one. The texture feels a little half-done, and the little sprigs of flowers here and there seem to take away from its overall design rather than enhance it. That being said, I’m sure there are tons of creative designers out there that will be able to glitch it in a lovely way into their housing builds.


“Perhaps not quite as stable as one would like, considering that it is likely to contain burning coals and have a pot of boiling liquid balanced precariously on top.” I wasn’t expecting this item at all, but I’m here for it. There are a few of these scattered throughout the Foundation, and I always love running up to them and standing for a few moments, warming my elezen’s hands against the steady stream of smoke. One of my favorite things about this item is that it has a constant smoke animation without needing to interact directly with the stove. 


The 5.41 patch notes detail four paintings that have been added for the Ishgardian Restoration. When looking them up on Garland Tools, it shows that you can purchase them from the Art Appraiser at (12, 14) in the Firmament. I spent a good thirty minutes running around and even asking folks if they knew where the NPC could be located, but couldn’t find him anywhere. Due to the description of the paintings being “based off your own observations”, I think it’s safe to assume that they are unlocked through the Sightseeing Log. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have this portion of the log available to us right now. Hopefully, once the Ishgardian Restoration has finished, they will just flip a switch and we’ll be able to purchase these from the NPC vendor. Heavensward has been my favorite expansion so far, and I love anything and everything decor-wise that concerns the Ishgardian aesthetic, so I’m excited to add these paintings to my collection!


I’ve been practically living in the Diadem this past week since I’m competing in the Fisher rankings, so I’ve had a lot of extra scrips lying around that let me purchase some of these decor items immediately. I also leveled my Culinarian job to 80 so that I could penta-meld my Fisher gear, so I had a ton of kupo tickets to turn in, which resulted in obtaining all of the additional Kupo of Fortune items. 

While I may not always have all of the items as they release in future patches, you can still view most items through the Housing Preview function while you’re in build mode. I’d prefer to have them personally, but can definitely show them off through the preview function if necessary. If you’d be interested in seeing more showcases like this for future patches, let me know! I’m having a ton of fun learning how to navigate my editing software, and may even provide a voice over for the next content I put together. Happy ranking week, diademians!    


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