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Fallout 76 - Everything Worth Knowing from the Latest AMA

Steven Weber Posted:
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Yesterday, Fallout 76 released their 2021 roadmap, complete with exciting features and additions like 4-Star weapons and armor, craftable Legendary Items and some upcoming changes to Private Servers. Today, Project Lead Jeff Gardiner and Design Director Mark Tucker took to the Fallout 76 subreddit to answer some questions. We’ve compiled their answers, and weeded out what’s important for a streamlined experience.

With thousands of questions and comments hitting the subreddit, it can be somewhat difficult to sift through all of the information from the AMA. Below are the most important answers given, many of them have been parsed for easy reading and clarity.

Spring Update – Locked & Loaded Answers

Summer Update – Steel Reign

  • Unlimited Season Ranks will be a non-randomized repeating track that will grant players lunchboxes, scrip, gold bullion and more.
  • New mods and balancing of less used mods will be added in the Steel Reign update. This is just the beginning as more mods will be released later on with the Winter Update.
  • Legendary crafting will be similar to the current module system, and will be available for all weapons, armor and power armor. New components and recipes will also be available. Players will also be able to roll 1-, 2- and 3-star items on a specific item you have selected. Players will also be able to reroll a legendary item.

Fall Update – Worlds Are Changing Answers

Winter Update – Tales from the Stars

  • Zetans are confirmed to be headed to the game, along with public challenges that will be similar to Seasonal Events. Players will need to work together as these challenges will be global to the world, and the first one will be centered around the Zetans. 

Building and C.A.M.P.S.

General Questions Answered:

  • Will there be more Q&A’s in the future? Absolutely.
  • Character Customization options have a “large negative affect on in game performance” and are “hard to make”. This is in response to players wanted more hairstyles, tattoos, etc. If the technical problems can be solved, the team would love to add more of these features.
  • New social feature functions are on the list of items the team is working on. They can’t divulge details right now, but they plan to discuss this in the future.
  • The choice to display your backpack, or hide it, is a feature the team has spoken about internally. No decisions have been made yet.
  • If you missed items from a particular Season, some of these items will show up later on in the Gold Bullion shop in-game, or the cash shop later. A new Gold Bullion Vendor from Blue Ridge Caravan will appear on various days in a faction hub and offer deals on Gold Bullion plans and other unique items.
  • A “shared stash space” so you can house items between characters is on the “to do” list, but no date of completion has been set.
  • A new Halloween even will replace Mischief Night this year, as Mischief Night was the cause of too many server issues.
  • New allies are on the way, but no ETA has been given.
  • While no ETA was given, the team is working on a way to find lost corpses that still have items on them, such as legendary enemies you may have killed but didn’t loot yet. This QoL feature is high on their list.
  • Aside from the Ritual Event headed to the game in Winter, another Brotherhood of Steel public event will also hit the game before the end of the year.
  • The team is investigating a way to address old quest items, and how to either drop them or find a way to consolidate them, like creating a keyring, for ease of use. There is no ETA on when players will be able to see this.
  • In Update 32, a balancing pass focused on changing event rewards will be an attempt to make more world events worth participating in, especially ones deemed less popular right now.
  • Expeditions are still on the way, but won’t make it this year. The premise for an Expedition is to take players outside of the current map, to different locations, but nothing is set in stone yet as the team is still designing them.

That wraps up the second AMA from the Bethesda team. Are you looking forward to the changes this year in Fallout 76? Let us know in comments what you're looking forward to the most. 


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