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EVE Anywhere Is Ruining My Productivity

EVE Online In Browser Form Equals Convenience

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Hi, my name is Joseph and I might be addicted to EVE Online's browser version.

EVE Anywhere launched a few weeks back and ever since I've found it entirely too convenient to keep EVE Online open while I work. Some days it's just so I can check in on my Corp as we plan events and such inbetween sending off emails and other demands of my gig here at MMORPG. Other days it's interacting with Planetary Industry and gathering my hard-earned resources to sell on the Metropolis market.

Sometimes I'm bouncing back and forth between the browser with EVE Online pulled up to shoot space rocks in the background, something I've done on occassion while working before, but it's made all the more convenient when I can just switch tabs, go to full screen for a moment and make sure rats - or other players - haven't warped in to ruin my day. 

EVE Anywhere is such a novel way to play the MMORPG. It's not like EVE Online requires a ton of system resources to run, either.  My PC could easily run multiple instances of the MMO while still running the windows needed to work. However, there is just something about opening up a Firefox or Chrome tab and just being able to easily swap between the two.

The downside is when you forget it's open and you're not docked, and then you close all tabs.

It's interesting too, because when I wrote about EVE Anywhere a few weeks back after its initial launch, I was speculating that it could be a test to see how this works, a "proof-of-concept" of sorts for a potential Stadia or other cloud-based platform release. Now, after two weeks of essentially logging in daily using my browser versus the actual client, I would be happy if the beta just turns into a full release.

I'm typically running EVE now all day, something I couldn't say as happening before. I finish an article, bounce back to EVE. Take a break from sending emails or drafting interview questions - grab a few minutes of EVE

The problem is when I switch tabs for a few moments...it can typically turn into ten, twenty minutes. I'll find that I need to hop off to take care of something only to leave it running because I really need to travel to this next system, sixteen jumps away. 

For me, the convenience of having EVE quite literally a tab away makes it all the more inticing to stay in the world during the day. Instead of having to minimize a client, resize a window and what not, I'm simply swapping tabs, hitting full screen on my second monitor and catching up with Corp chat, jumping to the next system or changing my mining drone targets. It has made picking up passive systems like Industry or Planetary Industry more appealing because it provides an easy way to pop in, interact with my colonies, and hop off. 

It's not to the point where I'm worried. I'm one of those people that when I get into something, I go full bore. It drives my daughter insane when the flavor of the week is a song or an album, as it's all I'll listen to for days on end (the most recent one being Gary Valenciano's rendition of Spain, in case you're  wondering). Though, that said, as I've typed this article up I've opened the EVE window on my browser about....seven times? So there might be something there.

As it is, though, my planets are doing really well, I've logged into all of the days of The Hunt right now so far, meaning I've gotten the skill points and other log-in rewards, and I've made more money in mining than I have in quite some time. So there are definite positives here as well. EVE Anywhere is giving me a convenient way to log into EVE Online every day, regardless of what PC I'm on at the time. I just gotta have a little more self-control.

Now excuse me as I load EVE back up as it's time to start moving resources around.


Joseph Bradford

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