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DC Universe Online: Resurging Assumptions

Scott Jeslis Posted:
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In this episode let’s talk about assumptions and managing expectations in an MMO.

Let me start off by saying that I’m not completely opposed to “loot boxes” in games, especially a F2P game like DCUO. If boxes are like $1.00 USD to open, I will typically put down an occasional $10 bill to open a handful. I’m not the biggest card player or gambler around, mostly because I suck at it, but opening these boxes occasionally now and then gives me a rush.

So even though I’m a DCUO subscriber I still drop some occasional coin to chase a cool aura, style, etc. that these DCUO boxes dangle before our eyes. Heck, I feel like it’s additional monetary support for a game I enjoy.

Resurgence Capsules Arrive (Again)!

Being on and off from the game since the original PC Beta I remembered what “Resurgence Mega Capsule” drops were, in context. So, I was excited when this current batch was announced.

Let’s go over what “Resurgence Mega Capsules” are.

A “mega capsule” is one, well “mega” capsule drop. It typically includes nine or so past time capsule drops inside and those nine capsules are already unlocked.

So, I got excited! Hey this is a great way to “catch-up” with previous time capsules, which were technically never available through an event on the Nintendo Switch. Given that this game on the Nintendo Switch has only been around for three months.

A lot of this excitement was because current time capsules require 1 stabilizer fragment (in game currency) to unlock or approximately $1.00 USD of Marketplace Cash. Stabilizer Fragment bundles can be bought on the Marketplace in a bundle of 10.

Alright Let’s Do This!

I jumped into game, acquired my first new “Resurgence Mega Capsule” and blindly opened it. I even added more Marketplace cash to do so. You see I went in with the mindset of “nine capsules” for the cost of $1.00 how great! I’ll buy $10 worth of more Marketplace cash which will yield 10 stabilizer fragments allowing me to unlock ten of these bad boys.

Reality Comes A Knocking

Then the hard crash of reality set in after I paid attention to the actual cost. Reality smacked me in the face, and I realized opening one of these “mega capsules” cost close to $7 which breaks down to opening seven individual time capsules. Still a bargain for opening nine capsules but to be honest my enthusiasm took a nosedive.

I’m not saying I was misled I just made some assumptions which is probably a dangerous thing to do in today’s MMOs. In my mindset paying $1 to open one physical capsule felt less guilty then spending $7 to open “one” physical capsule regardless of what was wrapped inside.

The Free Way or The Highway

There is a way to open these “Mega Capsules” through gameplay. It’s called “Stabilizer Fragments”. You need seven to unlock one of these puppies. They can be earned doing a randomly spawned duo instance.

This mission can yield anywhere from 3 – 6 stabilizers so you’d have to run the duo at least 2 to 3 times to unlock one “Mega Capsule”.

Second Chance Items

In DCUO there is also the concept of “The Booster Gold Second Chance Vendor”. Booster Gold gets occasionally updated to include items from past capsules. Booster Gold exists in your HQ, standing right next to the Rewards from Time & Space Vendor in the central hub. His items are available for “Quarks”. “Quarks” are the currency found in any and all Time Capsules.

Bottom Line

Sometimes “time is money”. Since I have a lot of other games to play in my limited spare time, I tend to rather spend a little cash now and then versus waiting for 2 – 3 duo matchmaking queues to pop. Most people can’t afford or don’t want that expensive.

It all comes down to going in knowing, to the best of your ability, what you’re getting into. I went in, somehow, assuming I was going to spend $1 to unlock a “mega capsule” and ended up spending $7.

Nevertheless, it’s a great thrill, for me personally, to unlock one of these huge capsules. At the end of the day you must decide if the cost, or game time, is worth it to you or not!


Scott Jeslis

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