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Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Laying quietly in the Icelandic mists, CCP remained one of the major players in MMOs throughout 2009. With EVE Online continuing its growth in the sci-fi sandbox universe the company is now branching out into new projects. World of Darkness and DUST 514 are two exciting games that CCP is working on for the future. The question is will we see either one in 2010?

CCP announced DUST 514 in 2009 and fans of EVE as well as gamers in general got excited about a shooter game set in the EVE universe. The dark and gritty space world of EVE has a lot to offer players and getting out of the ship for a while and gunning down opponents on foot could be a new experience. We don't know a whole lot about the game yet, save for what was revealed at this year's Fan Fest event. For now we know that DUST will have the brutal ground combat and will interface, at least in a limited way with EVE. The vehicles in the game also seem exciting and combining the RTS and FPS genres will give players some fights to remember. 2010 will be a year of announcements for DUST 514 and hopefully we will see a possible release date for the game at some point in the first half of the year.

World of Darkness is the goth child that CCP and White Wolf spawned back in 2006. The merger was quite exciting for fans of both sci-fi and horror genres and the potential of games threw the internets into a frenzy. Now here we are nearing 2010 and World of Darkness still remains in development. There has not been much news on the game lately but plenty of MMO fans have been waiting for a solid horror themed game to hit the market. With vampires infesting every aspect of popular culture lately there certainly is a market for a game of this magnitude. What will CCP reveal in 2010 about World of Darkness? Well, we can only hope that at the very least the company begins to leak some kind of new information. CCP has kept it under wraps for years now, almost to the point of fans forgetting that this game is still technically in development.

With the popularity of the genre right now World of Darkness, if done well, could be the break out success that the MMO industry needs. Gothic horror fights between werewolves and vampires with all other goodies thrown into the mix has proven to be a big seller on the market. With the endless stream of casual Asian MMOs flooding the market, it will be a relief to see something dark and mature hit the industry with some awesome vampiric power. The game was originally slated to launch in 2010, however with very little news out there, we cannot expect this report to be true. Still, CCP can surprise you and there is no telling what FanFest 2010 will hold for players.

CCP remains one of the solid game companies in the MMO space. Everyone always talks about Blizzard, EA Bioware/Mythic, Turbine, SOE, and Funcom. Yet, CCP has earned a strong title on the list of top MMO designers. EVE is a testament to the success of the sandbox system and has a strong following going on seven years after its launch in 2003. The game still has features like Ambulation to add in and like many other long standing MMOs EVE will have its share of updates coming in 2010.


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